Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 10, 2012

WHATS UP!!!!!!!!!!!  Ya I'll be expecting letters. That is awesome to hear about the Segura family. From what it sounds like, they will be a good family in the ward. That is funny about the Earthquake. We didnt feel a single thing. The only thing I feel here is the heat. IT IS HOT! It isnt like the humidity is bad. It is just HOT! My companion Elder Cabeza and I bike to our area and by the time I get there I got a good sweat going lol. Just to let you know, I did have to buy a bike so I put it on the Credit Card. There wasnt anybody selling theirs that was just leaving so when I finally got to my area they took me to the store and I bought one. Then the helmet and the lights I put on my debit card. They have a law out here that people on bikes have to have front and back lights. But yeah I am great and I love it out here other than the heat. The people are really nice, I was not expecting that just from how everybody was talking about Cali. When they look at you on the street we say hi and if not , then you dont say anything. And everybody says hi with a smile right back. I am still getting used to having people literally staring at me. When I walked into the Library literally 10 people just stared as we walked by. Normally I would say something to them but I have to learn to keep my cool. Like I said, my companions name is Elder Cabeza. He is originally from Chile but moved to the states when he was about 10. Not gonna lie, he is hard to get along with. I couldn't think of any other way to put it. We dont fight but its more like we don't really talk. I try to make small talk but he just ends it and I am like ughhhh?????? He is a good trainer though. When it comes to working, he goes to work which I really like. Pretty much we had an amazing week. Thursday night we went over to a members house for dinner. Hermano Yangly is a new convert with one daughter (dont worry I'm not flirting), a son who is autistic and a new born son who was born 4 months early. IDK how he and his wife are doing it. Especially since his wife isn't a member. She is taking the lessons, but I guess she hardly shows up to church. He is a strong member though. They are Peruvian.
On Friday, I taught my first lesson and it went really well. We were going to comitt her to baptism on Sunday but she didn't show up to church and we couldn't get a hold of her.
Saturday was my fist time working on door contacts. The first door we knock, this guy named Levi is from Mexico City. I didn't think he would be interested because he had some crazy tattoes but the more we talked the more he seemed interested. We set up a return appointment the next day on Sunday but he got called into work. After that though, it was really funny. It was my first time taking the lead in the door approach. I say hi, hows it going and then I freeze and I am speachless. It was really funny but the guy was at least nice about it. We go to the 3rd door and this Philipino lady opens the door and it was the best experience. She lets us in and pretty much without us even saying a word she tells us that she loves mormons and she wants to be one. She was hard to understand because she is recovering from a stroke. I'm guessing she had an experience while this was happening because she told us that she was catholic but she wants to change religions. CRAZY! The thing that sucks about that though is that since she doesnt speak spanish, we cant teach her. That night we had dinner with the Sanchez Family and they are awesome. They are Columbian and they cooked some good food. It was just chicken sausage beans and rice but the sauce that they put on the chicken sausage and beans was good! Hermano Sanchez really knows how to play the guitar. I was just in awe.
Yesterday, Sunday, was really good. Church is a lot different. It is Priesthood first, Sunday School, then Sacrament. Sacrament was really good though. It was funny too because when we were singing the hymns, everybody was off key. Plus when the other Elder was playing the intro, some guy in the ward started singing which had everybody else following him. The talks were really good. They were all in Spanish and I could understand them. This lady in the ward gave one of the best talks I have heard in my life. She focused it on the youth, talking about how they need to realize sooner than later what this church and the gospel can do in everybody's life. She talked about faith  and ya it was really good. I didn't have to give my testimony. Neither did the other new Elder in the ward. There are 3 sets of missionaries- 1 is sisters and the other 2 are Elders. We get along well with the other set of Elders. Elder Fulmore has been out for almost a year and Elder Hudson has been out for about 8 months. Yes pretty much every night we are being fed. Every night since I have been here we have gotten fed. Sunday we went to another new converts house and she made us enchiladas. She had a friend over who has been listening to the missionaries and we were trying to figure out why she went MIA. She said that she was scared. She has recieved a testimony that it was true, but she says that she is scared to change her life. What makes it even harder is that she knows that she needs to get baptized as well. I was completly speechless during that lesson but luckly my companion was going somewhere with it. We set a baptismal date for the 14th of October so hopefully we can figure something else out. Our next options after the dinner fell through. A good "being at the right place at the right moment" worked out for us. We went by this family but they weren't home and when we came down the steps this guy came and talked to us. Asked us what church we were from and I looked down and he had our pass along card in his hand. He said that he had been trying to call the number because he wanted a Book of Mormon but couldn't figure it out. We gave it to him and set up a return appointment! I didnt get a package. We live about 1 hour away from Santa Clarita so we dont get anything that gets sent there till friday. I should get it either tomorrow, Thursday or Friday. We have a lot of meetings.

Love you mom! tell everybody hi! and that I am good here.

Elder Ruelas

P.S. I decided to keep the letters. I didnt send anything home.

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