Monday, July 7, 2014

Last email, Fast & Testimony in CA, P-Day, and many other lastsl!!!!!

This is crazy! I'll be home in a little bit. haha

Honestly I don't even know what to say! I will just tell you everything when I get home! We had BBQs meals like crazy!

I'M COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!


Elder Ruelas

Soon to be just Andy Ruelas!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy Last Day In June:)

Man it is my last week! I can't wait to be home. I just wanna take 1 big long nap! haha. 

Well this week was my departing missionary temple trip. It came up last minute because of the fact that this Friday is 4th of July. It was super cool because I got to see President Hall and some other missionaries I was friends with. It was great!!!

This week we also found a ton of new investigators. We ended up doing a Family Home Evening with the family we found last week. We picked up the kids as new investigators and they really like  FHE. The dad even said that it is something he wants to do with his family every week. We didn't even start the game yet. We read the Proclamation to the Family and they really liked it. We also found this girl that just had a ton of questions about our beliefs. The best part of the week though is the lesson that we had with 2 of our investigators. The father and the son who we found on the street. We taught them the Plan of Salvation and the dad just looked at us and said "Ya'll are the first church that says good things about Adam." At the end of the lesson we invite him to be baptized. He looks at his son and asks- do you want to do this. They both said yes. The best part of that is when we asked why. He said that he wants to feel happy again. He hasn't felt happy for so long and he is just sick of it. His date is for July 19th

So dad is getting the Melchezidek Priesthood? That is awesome!!!!! 

Well I gotta get going Mom. My time is about to run out.


Elder Ruelas

You can still send me mail up to Monday, just saying.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Happy 2 weeks left this coming Wednesday:)


Dang this week was a crazy week! Lets just say that I am glad I get home in 2 weeks. Can you believe it though?  2 and a half weeks. Next Monday I have 10 days left! I remember when I was barely out and thought  "Can I do this for 2 years?" Wow! Lets just say that I am super greatful for my Savior Jesus Christ because I would have not been able to complete my mission without his help.

Hey so today I bought 2 new shirts and a watch online from JC Pennys. I am planning on taking all of my old shirts, my old pants, my sheets, towel, and pillow to Goodwill. I am just taking home the new shirts, my suit, shoes, and clean ties.

So this week was a really good week. We found a ton of new investigators. We found a father and a son and they are both really interested. They even came to church. That was super nice since we haven't had a single investigator show up since I got here. Then we found a husband and a wife that are going through family problems. The wife is really interested but is going to another church and the husband is semi interested since he works a ton. What is really nice is that they are friends with and live right across the street from a really super cool and strong family from church. Their kids always go over to the members house because they say that it feels different there. The best part of the lesson was how at the end, the wife asked us what chapter in the Book of Mormon gives good advice on how to be a better parent. We had already given her Mosiah 2 and we told her we would let her read that chapter and come back with another chapter that would give her more answers to her prayers. The next 2 was a Mother and Daughter and it was mainly the mom asking a ton of questions. She was asking questions like why does God allow so much suffering to occur and how does a divorced family get sealed. What happens to the kids that belong to a different dad. She was a bit more challenging but what was nice is that she is related to another strong member family. We had the son with us and he answered some questions. The 2 teens that came out with us really impress me. I know that I wasn't anything like them. I wasn't that willing to go out with the missionaires and didn't know as much as them. They are gonna be really good missionaries.

So did dad sell the car? How is dad doing? How is everyone doing? What is my niece up to? Tell that booger I will be home soon.

Well mom I believe that is it that happened this week. 2 weeks!!!!!!

Love you

Elder Ruelas

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Happy 3 weeks Elder!!!!!

Whats up Mom

It is awesome to hear about dad! What did he think of my letter? Thanks for the letters on my Birthday! It was actually a pretty fun day. Worked hard and came home and my roomates surprised me with a cake and it turned into a cake fight!  Haha

The week was a decent week. We set a baptismal date with one of our investigators and she is super interested. We also found a super cool new investigator that seems really interested. I was on exchanges and not in my area when they found her but I guess they were going to set a baptismal date with her and then the kids got super super rowdy. She dropped everything she was doing just to listen to us. You dont see that happen that much so that says a lot. The worst part of the week though was hearing our super cool investigator just deny everything he has felt since we have been teaching him. He flat out said "I think my life would be better without Christ in my life." It was terrible. His brother says he still wants to come close to Christ which made us really happy but.

Gotta get going but I love you Mom


Elder Ruelas

Happy 1 month left on your mission and Happy 21st Birthday week!!!!!

What's up Mom!

So the visit from the 70 went well? What was dads reaction? How come you didn't send a  picture to Elder Nelson, Elder Garns, Elder Martinez or Elder Nash? I wanted them to interrupt the meeting just for me haha! What did President Hansen saying about me? 

So this week was Pretty good. We had 2 really good lessons with our investigators who ended up accepting a baptismal date for July 5th! (MY 2 YEAR MARK!!!!!!!) We were super pumped after Elder Nelson came and he spoke to us. What I really liked about what Elder Nelson said is that they don't judge how successful a mission President is by how many baptisms they had when they were President, they judge by how many of their missionaries go to the temple to get sealed with their families. That brought peace to my heart.  It truly is about conversion. Then he taught us about our lineage. How we are truly decedents from the 12 tribes of Israel. That helped me understand a part of my Patriartical Blessing. I started studying that topic and I have learned so much about the blessings God has given all of us. It's all there in the scriptures we just need to look. Then Elder Nelson talked about how we truly were chosen to stay in Heaven for this time. To come here at this time and fulfill proficy about the gospel being spread through out the world. His whole talk basically got me to think "Have I been doing that in my mission?" Everybody else was saying that they were going to do the things he was saying but not me. I kept asking myself that question. I am still asking that question. The best part of his visit was the promise he left us. I couldn't write it all down but the 1 thing that did catch my attention more than anything was that he said that we will learn the things we need to know to bring the gospel to our Family and Friends back home. That was truly an answer to my prayers. My entire mission I have felt that that was all I was doing. I wasn't helping anybody but I was still learning a lot. I felt like the things that I was learning wasn't helping anybody here. Then I started to ask for help to take what I learn and be able to help others back home. Then when he said that I was like "YES!" That isn't a bad thing to ask for. Overall it was a super great lesson. 

I got your package. Thank you! I appreciate it. I am giving all of the candy to my roommates though haha. I need to lose weight! I also got a letter from My Aunt Debbie today. 

Anyways I gotta get going.

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Elder Ruelas

1 MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Happy 6th Week Elder Ruelas

Whats up Mom!
I just got my flight plans!!!!!!! I am gonna get home around 10 p.m.!!!!!!! I'M COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont worry Mom I am not trunky!
Well this week was pretty good. Usually the last week of the transfer is the longest but this past week went by fast. We have been getting a ton of referals from the members so they are keeping us busy. I am not gonna lie though nothing much really happened. We got back in contact with 2 of our solid investigators only to hear that one of them was going to start working a 14 hour job. I did realize that one of the families in our area reminds me of us. The mom is super busy and has had to work a ton lately so she hasn't gone to church and if she doesn't go the rest of the family doesn't go. We are gonna start having Family Home evenings with them starting tonight to keep them going but I really like this family. There are 2 families here that I really like a ton.
So my comp and I are staying the same. I'm cool with that. We are gonna work our butts off this transfer. My last 2 companions have told me that the last 3 weeks are the hardest though. So he might have to drag me along those last 3 weeks, just joking, haha.
Well that's about it. Love you Mom!!!!
Elder Ruelas

52 days and Counting:)

What's up mom!

So this week was kinda slow. We got our hopes up with this lady that stopped us. She was telling us how she was just going through a really rough time. She recently lost her husband and she said things went down from there. She was drinking a bit but she wanted us to say a prayer for her. We did and she grabbed our hands which was pretty funny. What was even funnier though was when we were saying the prayer she started to fall over and wouldn't let go of our hands. We kept her up though. We kept talking afterwards and we ended up walking her home so that she wouldn't go to the party. We get to her house and meet all of her kids. She has 13! They range from 20 to 3 months. Then she starts telling us how she wants her family to become more unified. She wants to be a better mother. Then she looked at us and said "Thats where you guys come in right?" Um YA! So we set up a return appointment cause we had to get home. We come back for the appointment and they were home but refused to open the door. That was probably the most exciting thing that happened this week. 

How is everything going at home? It has been SUPER hot here.  

I have one and a half Months till I get home!!!!!! Less than a month till my birthday!!!!! Can I buy a pair of sneakers for my birthday? haha

I gotta get going mom but I love you! Take care and I will find out Saturday if I am leaving or staying.

Elder Ruelas