Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September 1, 2012

Hey mom,
Yesterday I had infield orientation all day so I couldn't write an email to anybody. It was so good though and I learned a ton. It got me even more excited to go out to Cali and dont worry, I am going to have fun. I'm not about to go crazy these next 2 years.
Yes I got the letter that had the money. It was a different letter that I lost, but I found it yesterday before I went to bed. I'm gonna send all the letters I got back home plus some other stuff, like some books. I lost that daily scripture book that you got me in Nauvoo which was a bummer cause I really liked that. Now you have to send me the pictures of Isabel with her ears pierced. I liked the pictures I got and so did everybody else. The picture where she is passed out, she got that from Angelica. The picture where she is passed out and making a funny face, she gets that from me. The picture where Angelica is reading a book to her and looks mad, well we were never much readers lol. I'll call the house phone. I need to go buy a phone card from the store so I can call without being charged at the pay phones. If You see my friends you gotta tell them to write me cause I don't have any of their addresses. Tell Angelica and Bryan that if they need more room for stuff for Isabel, they can use my room. Just put my sneakers in my closet, nicely, and they can use whatever space they need. Yes I just said that.
That is funny about Adrian, my cousin. When I first read the first part that you said I thought that you ment that he moved in with you. I was like WHAT!!!!! Keep him away from my shoes! lol. You need to try the Cafeteria in Nauvoo! IDK if it is because the food here at the MTC is fake, but I love the food at the temple, plus it is cheap. No PJ didnt leave. He hasnt gotten his VISA to go to the Columbia MTC. He is just in the intermediate class and not the Advanced. I'm sorry I dont write more about him. I thought you just wanted to hear about me lol. No there is like 15 other people on my flight. I heard that there are both Elders and Sisters. I think they are all in the Begginers class though lol.
Tell Isabel I say "hi" back and I stuck my tounge back out at her too. Remember that the Post office is closed for Labor day so idk how the mail works, but I will only get mail on Tuesday and Wednesday morning I leave. Elder Payne is good and happy. He is going to Billings Montana. Another friend of ours got here on Wed. Wes Korper. It is soo good to see friends from college here. It stinks that one of my good friends  gets here the same day I leave. Its all good though, I'm gonna send you a list of names for people to look up on Facebook for me. I would really like to get a letter from Mason. Plus all of my friends but family is the best, friends in close second lol. That is funny about Isabel and Emmalena. Have they met yet? I also want pictures of Emmalena. 
      Ya I can't wait to get out to California. 4 more days left till I leave and I am pumped. I have learned a lot and I can't wait to learn more out there in the field. There is something new here where we might be able to send pictures but I am trying to send my pictures today. Otherwise I will get it done in the field. Love you Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't miss you either! Tell everybody else I love them too and tell Lucy she stinks! lol
I'll let you know how it is in California as soon as I can and I will get the Mission home address to you as fast as I can cause I dont know where I am living yet.

Elder Andres Ruelas

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