Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September 17, 2012

Everything made it here safely. I have already finished 2 of the 3 packs of beef jerkey. Everybody loved it. Honestly mom, the area that I am in right now you have no reason to worry. Everybody is really friendly and if they don't want to talk, they just don't talk. You walk by people who have tattoos and I say "hi" with my AMAZING smile, and they just smile and say "hi" back. I have never once felt like I was in danger. Even on Sunday when it was Dia de Independencia, never felt scared. Plus there wasn't really anybody out on the street, but it was a nice day. It is SUPER hot here. Last week there was 2 days that it was over 100 degrees out. One of the days there was no breeze and when there was, it hurt. The air itself was just hot! Its all good though. My companion just asked this lady who is an investigator but doesn't really seem interested, for some water. She had no problem with that at all. Even offered to give us 2 bottles. What is really nice is that my area is really God loving. They see Jesucristo on our name tags and they aren't worried and are willing to talk to us.
     I can't wait to see my room when your OCD gets upstairs. Just dont throw out my sneakers. I would be devistated lol. I bet Angelica can't wait to get out and start excercising again. Does she have a stroller? I can see her running with Isabel.
     I hope everything goes well for Sister Rees. I would like to go see Adrian's football game. I know he would like to have more support from back home. 
We scheduled 2 baptisms this week. One is the 30th and the other is the 14th of next month. The first is named Reina. What is awesome is that she has 2 really young kids who are of age to be baptized. Her daughter seems really interested but her son is REALLY hyper. Do you have any tips on how to teach kids like that? That would be really helpful. Anything we say he just gets really distracted.
The other lady was somebody who my companion thought was just listening to us with no interest, but ended up telling us that she knows that the Book of Mormon is true and that she  knows that she should be baptized. The only downfall is that she is scared to change her life. We are gonna try to keep working with her but it is hard because she is the type of person who does things spur of the moment pretty much and is never home. Otherwise our week was pretty busy. I mean it was good, but we just didn't have much time to do anything. We had a lot of meetings as a district which took up a lot of time. Saturday was a fun day though. It was a Stake activity called Dia de Espanidad. People from a ton of different cultures set up booths and taught about their cultures...Plus the food that they had at each station was really really good. Others shared there bit of independance days from other countries in September as well as Mexico's.
Of course people want to see Isabel. I want to see her. That is awesome about the shoes you got Isabel for me. Thank you for that. Speaking of Shoes...I think that every person that I get to baptize, you should let me get a pair of sneakers. IDK just saying lol jk.That would be me doing it for the wrong reasons. I hope my Tio Gabriel is ok. How did it happen? So did Tommy's mom give you some her money? LOL
     And I would have to say that the dream that you had is pretty wierd if you ask me. Funny, but wierd. So I take it Spencer did write you back? He wasnt wierded out that you wrote him?
     Everything is good here. At the moment I don't need anything. Again thank you for your care package and tell dad thank you for his too. Love you!!! And take care of the family!

Elder Ruelas

P.S. Thanks for the pictures. Isabel's faces alone were hilarious though. The one with Emmalena was priceless. LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh yeah I forgot my cable to send more pictures. Sorry!

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