Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October 1, 2012

Haha I love the pictures. Sorry I don't have a lot of time. We had to help the sister missionaries move into a new apartment all morning and had a ton of stuff to do afterwards. So there is only 30 minutes till the library closes and I HAVE to write my President. Everything is great. I bought a helmet from target and light was from a local bike shop. I get $145 a month and yes they did give me a debit card. I have no problems budgeting.
I am still with these 2 elders. Most likely till the end of the Transfer which stinks because it is really fun. We get along really well, but the president told me that he doesn't like trios. We do get a lot of work done. We are finding and teaching people really well. Our best investigator has been acting really wierd lately though. She has had to cancel 2 of the last 3 appointments and hasn't been going to church.
Speaking of church, this past sunday was Fast and Testimony meeting since next week is General conference. It was really good. This lady who is not a member, but her husband is, got up and was talking and from what she said it sounds like she is getting closer to having the desire to get baptized. They had a son who was born premature and there wasn't really a good chance he would live past a month. Well it has been 3 months since he was born and it looks like she is seeing the hand of God in her life. We had the first false address given to us this past week. It might work out for the best because even  though it was in the richer part of town, the guy who answered the door speaks Spanish and told us we can come back. I also heard one of the saddest things since I have been here. We knocked on this door and this girl opened the door. She had a kid and she had a ring on her finger. So we started to ask her if she would want to live with her family forever. Most people say yes but she said no. I wanted to smack this girl and take away her free agency. Well I have to write my president mom. Sorry this was short, but nothing really happened this past week. Plus you know I would write you more. LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I got the package. LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

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