Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22

Hey Mom!
It is good to hear that everything is going good in Iowa! Sucks though about your job. I am starting to feel like I am getting the hang of it here. I feel like I am a lot more comfortable and not so nervous about talking to people. My companions really help me out, which makes me more comfortable to ask questions. I will be in this same area for at least 5 more weeks. Transfers happened on Thursday and the 2 new Elders that came to the Bike area (my old area) are really cool. Elder Shour and Jossie. From what I hear they are really good workers.
Make sure to tell Mason I said Happy Birthday. Aunt Gloria too. Tell dad that I won't be able to get him a present for a while. Today we didn't have much time to go shopping because we went to go play soccer today and that really messed up the day. Plus with the missionaries living 2 miles away, driving to pick them up takes a while. Tell him I said Happy Birthday too! I'll write him today if I can. Plus if you know of any places that could engrave on a hard cover book let me know. There is a place here that could do it but it is out of our area and is a pretty good 45 min drive.
We watch the district a lot here. We watch it to get ideas on how we can teach. Spanish and English work are a lot different though. There is no doubt about it, we take what we think might work and try it out for the day. Here it has been a little hard to get new investigators. They probably think we are immigration. From watching the district though we figured something out. The baptisms were the people who were referred by members except for 1. So we are working a lot with members so they trust us to give us addresses.
Speaking of investigators. Friday was starting out as a really good day. We went to district meeting and then went to this Hermana's house for lunch. We call her Hermanita and she knows how to cook really well. She is without a doubt one of my favorite people I have met here so far, I really like everybody. Anyways, after that we go to our best investigators house she has her interview for baptism and PASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll talk about her later. After that we went to this kids house to try to teach him. We know that he is an Athiest, but he tells us that he is willing to work to see if God exists. This is our 3rd time teaching him. We are in the lesson and he basically tells us that God doesn't exist because there are contradictions in the Bible. He thinks that the Bible was created by man so that they could control people and he wants proof to prove that it is a book of God. I want to tell him to read the Book of Mormon because that is proof that you can hold in your hands. Then my companion shares his testimony that he knows God exists and this kid is like "I believe you believe in God." Oh man!! Dont worry I did not say a single thing in that lesson, but my companion said again "WE KNOW that God exists." He shut up after that and we ended with a prayer. We even explained to him that the Bible has been translated many times and that the Book of Mormon clarifies things. We know that he was even looking things up online to try to stump us. Anyways after we left, this little kid comes up to the fence and saw that we were with a church and says "I'm Satan! Hail Satan." I just kept my mouth shut and kept walking because I know I would have gotten sent home for saying some words to that kid. lol. Don't worry it is common to hear Hail Satan and 666 and all this dumb stuff. I have heard it a lot of times and nothing ever happens, lol. But after that happened we went to this Part member/ Less active family to try to teach the kids who aren't members. Again the girl says "I believe in science. I want proof." That night I was upset! I'm over it though. I look back and laugh for how I was feeling.
Back to the baptism. It is this lady who's records were lost. She is from Honduras and is here (legally) and her husband got baptized about 4 months ago. I absolutely love that family. Hugo and Suyapa Arce. They have a daughter named Bridgett and a son named Blake. Hugo also has a son who is 17 from another marriage named Jonathan. All of them are Strong members, except Jonathan. We are really working with Jonathan to get baptized just because it would be great to see his dad baptize him. Jonathan kind of fights it but we aren't about to let him win, lol. Anyways Suyapa is awesome. She kept on forgetting that she "wasn't" a member at church so she would sign up to come out with the missionaries to teach. Technically she can't because she is really a member.
Yes I got the box. Thank you and thank you for the pictures. My scrapbook that I brought with me has turned into nothing but pictures of Isabel. I talk about her any chance I get! I even talked about her when I gave a chasity lesson in Gospel Principles. And yes that was my first time giving the Chasity lesson. Overall it was a really good lesson though.
That is probably it though for this week. Nothing too big happened this week except for the baptism. Anyways I love you mom and it is always good to hear from you. Keep taking care of the family and tell dad I said Happy Birthday. LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Ruelas

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