Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8, 2012

 We actually have the district DVD's. It is a reference  for when we don't know what to do. That is awesome about my Tio Humberto! I wish he had come to speak to us when I was in High School. We just had lame speakers haha. Honestly this week has been super lame. One of my companions got really sick and was throwing up all day. We ended up staying home for 2 days to help him recover. One of our really good investigators has been MIA! It is really annoying. That got to me this week because these people aren't keeping commitments and they don't show up for appointments. Since we cover such a large area, it kills our time when we have to drive so far.
 Ya that was insane about the age drops! My other Elders brother told him that in his freshman ward at BYU, all the girls are now talking to their bishops. Personally I don't get why parents would be mad about it. I know I wasn't ready to go when I was 18 but it is really great. I could really see the mission grow. The entire confrence was awesome though. I watched every single session and I thought it was awesome. I really liked Elder Hollands talk, well I was pretty much a fan of all of them. I am going to write you a letter though to tell you more.
Honestly like I said mom this week has been really slow but we plan on going hard this week. Nothing much happened except for conference. I am still in a car. Transfers are coming up in a week so one of the other 2 Elders might be moving. Yes I get to shop on P-day. Today I actually bought a pair of shoes with my debit card. I was tempted to get another and say it was my Christmas present haha. I am still waiting to go to the swap meet though. I want to find everybody some Cali shirts. I got dad a BOM and I want to get his name engraved on it. I'm not sure if I will be able to get it done though. But to be honest I have no clue about what to get him. Sorry about not sending pictures. I honestly haven't taken that much. Oh and also just incase anybody has told you that they have sent me letters, There is a chance that I havent gotten them.... The mail man decided to start putting the mail in between the adds and we throw them away. The last letter I got was from Angelica around the 20th. I never did get the pictures of Isabel in the Jordans. I got the letters from Relief Society. Tell everybody I said thank you. IDK if I will send letters back though because there were no addresses. Also tell Tia Ana thanks for her letter. Oh yeah we do have a baptism coming up this Sunday!!!! I will send pictures of that. It is a part member family. The dad and the daughter are members and we are teaching the mom and the son. The son is tricky. He is 18 and is probably not that interested but last night we talked with his dad and he said that his son read!!!! Keeping commitments is a good sign!!!!!

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

Elder Ruelas

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