Monday, September 16, 2013

September 13, 2013

Whats up Mom,

Thanks a ton for the Scriptures. They are awesome! Kind of a slow week. Yesterday there was a baptism though. Daniel is so awesome. Elder Frost and I found and first started to teach him and he has been super solid ever since then. Once the split of the area happened, I didn't get to teach him anymore. He writes Mexican Music and has sold his songs to big artists I guess. I am gonna try to send a video of him playing. I can't remember if it is one of his songs though or if he was just playing somebody elses. He is good though. It is so crazy because he is 19 and he was telling us yesterday that he wanted to go on a mission! I really hope he does because he would be a super good missionary. 

How is everybody doing? I just realized this morning that if Sky didnt get my letter the first time 4 or 5 months ago, then Miguel and some other people probably havent gotten my letters from back then either. Hopefully things go better for you this week at work. Hopefully they go better for us too. We have been giving a ton of referals over to the English Elders so hopefully things start to come our way as well, but we will see.

Well that is pretty much it. LOVE YOU!!!!!

Elder Ruelas

We did a blitz in another area and this is the view they get every day

Daniel before his Baptism. He was Baptized by Elder Monzon

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