Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy 13th Week:) 9 months left!!!

Whats up Mom!

Dang I like the Bathroom. When did you start this? Did the Cheap Construction Worker do it for you? Hopefully all goes well with the counter. Have you sold my car yet? I didn't see it in the picture. 

 I just wrote Dad a letter. Everything is cool here. I see what you mean when you say that you work with teenagers. I am now working with teenagers. We have two missionaries in our zone that are straight up Flojos. We went on exchanges with them and one of them straight up lied to my face. I was furious! Kept my cool, but I hate it when I get lied to.  If it was up to me, they would be sent home. 

Sorry My address is: 
44240 20th St. E #4
Lancaster CA, 93535

My Mission address is:
Elder Andres Ruelas
Bakersfield Mission
3512 Coffee Rd Suite B
Bakersfield, CA 93308

This week was a good week though. We found 4 new investigators and 3 of them are a family. They are SUPER Solid. They came to church and so did our investigator that is skitsophrenic. The Branch that I am in isn't that great, but the investigators still liked church. The son who is 13 years old really liked it and made some new friends. The dad said "Esto es lo que yo estaba esperando" right before he left. I am super excited for them. This area is super hard, but when you find people like them, it makes it all worth it. I like it better for the work compared to my last area. There is a ton more latinos here, but I do miss my last area. Seeing my converts and the members and all. 

Yes I got the shoes and the money. I like the mints, the Cheetos are making it hard for me to lose weight. They are good though. Thanks for everything. I really appreciate it. I do need to find the Post office. Start sending things home. I also had to buy pants today. I was down to 1 pair of pants. I bought them from Walmart.

Sorry but there isn't much to say.

Your favorite Child!

Elder Ruelas

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