Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy 14th Week!!

Whats up Mom!

This week was good. We had just about no time to work but we still went hard this week. We set 3 baptismal dates for this family from Columbia. They are super solid. They even came to General Conference. I think they are living the Word of Wisdom since they were falling asleep during the Sunday afternoon session. They are Columbians, you know their addiction to coffee haha. Other than that nothing much happened. Oh ya our investigator that has Skitsophrenia is super solid. He also came to General Conference. 

Conference was great! I really liked Elder Dube's talk about working hard and then when you are finished you can take a break. I also really liked President Monson's talk on Sunday Morning. The Spirit was really strong, especially the song right after. President Thomas S. Monson truly is the Prophet living in these last days.

I sent a box home. We had to leave the Zone this morning so I took some stuff that I don't need here on the mission and sent them to you. There is the Paco and Maria in there for Isabel, A Spanish Book of Mormon for Dad (his name is engraved on it), a Spanish Book of Mormon for you (I don't know where to get it engraved), the purple ring is mine that a member gave me, the Green Lantern comic is Bryan's (I believe there is 3. 1 is mine and the other 2 are for Angelica and Bryan). I am still working on Lucy's. I also used the Credit Card today. I bought a shirt and sweatshirt at the Swap Meet. I had to get some California stuff haha. 

I gotta get going mom. Give Isabel one BIG hug and kiss for me.


Elder Ruelas
P.S. what the hey! I am in the single digits now until I get home! haha!

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