Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hola Elder Ruelas!!!

Hey whats up mom!

I got your letter. Did you get mine? I sent it a little late. I sent it on Thursday. If you haven't gotten it, well... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!.....even though it is late. 

I got your letter. I really appreciated it. I do have to ask you what you mean though that my last couple of emails have been strange. I understand short, but nothing much has happened.

This week we had some really cool stuff happen. We found 2 families. They are super cool. We are still working hard with the family of 3 that we already have. They are super prepared but there is something that is holding them back. It is wierd. Hopefully it happens soon though so that Satan doesn't keep on working with them. We read the "My Family" Proclamation with them and it was really cool. They are ready! We just need to help them understand that they are ready.  We also got a different person who has a Baptismal Date to go to church. We were super surprised. We are finally starting to get the ball rolling with our Stake President because he hasn't helped us out at all. 

So what did you do for your Birthday? I wish I got the fudge. I am excited for the Jerky. My companion will be very appreciative. We still can't believe that we are companions. It has been really fun. Don't worry we are working hard. But we are two Latinos that know how to have fun, everybody wants to be in our Zone. 

I'm excited for Chiquis. I want a picture. I can't believe that a Typhoon hit the Mission of the of the Adasmes. Good thing they are alright. How is Brother Stamler? What age is Angelica teaching in primary? Tell her good Luck! haha.

Hey I gotta get going. We have an appointment in like 30 minutes


Elder Ruelas

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