Saturday, December 21, 2013

8 weeks left of 2013 :)

What's up mom!

I bought the suit today. I went to Walmart just so that I could get it cheap. It looks pretty good. I am getting the pants fitted tomorrow by one of our investigators. I didn't get the sunglasses. It is kind of a pain to get  out of the Zone. We have to spread the visits to the mall apart. We will see what happens next week or the week after. I got the Beef Jerkey. Tell Dad that my Companion says THANK-YOU!!!!!! We have only finished 1 pack. We are trying to watch what we eat so that we can loose weight. I had food poisoning yesterday. I was so weak yesterday and I was freezing in church. It was bad. We had 4 investigators at church so I had to stay but I was in so much pain. We ended up just sitting outside in the foyer. We had to set an example for the members to show up to church no matter what. Plus there was a nurse at church that has very pretty eyes......they are blue!

Right now we are trying to help this family that is so close to getting baptized but they have just hit a wall. We don't know what to do. We are trying everything. Will you and the family please pray for them. I love this family so much and really don't want them to fall away.  Lately we have been finding a lot of families to teach. We are teaching a total of 4 families. They are all super solid. 

Angelica was right, I am not going to notice the house when I get home. I can't wait! 7 1/2 months. CRAZY!!!!!!! Can you believe it? I bet you can't wait! haha. I can't believe Polanco is going to get baptized. Tell him congrats. Hopefully he keeps it going and goes to the temple. 

Sorry I haven't gotten you pictures lately. I keep on forgetting my camera in the apartment on Mondays. Don't worry I am having fun. My compa and I are doing work and we have fun all day everyday.  

Tell everybody at church I say "Hi". I appreciate the letters from everybody. I am going to try to write Angelica and Dad back today if we have time. 

LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Elder Ruelas

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