Saturday, December 21, 2013

A week and 1 day left to our phone call:)

Whats up Mom,
Dang the other day I got a letter  from Bishop Clove and he sent a picture. One of the Sister Missionaries in the Ward is a cutie haha. Put in a good word for me ok? Just kidding. It is pretty crazy though to see how much the youth have grown up. I saw Daniel and Seth and pretty much everybody. It is Crazy. I am a little nervous to come home. Everything is changing and it is wierd. Last week was a pretty crazy week. We had transfers and a lot of good missionaries left our zone. It felt like we were losing family. My comp and I loved our last zone. Luckily some more good missionaries came in. We even got some more sisters. Thankfully they are cool. The deer sausage was amazing. If possible can I get some more. Yes, I got the CD. It is awesome. That is the church music I like. 

We found a super cool family.  They are Mexican if you didn't realize that. That family is super prepared. The questions they were asking just left me in awe. I really hope they progress. The family, the ones we have been teaching for about 3 months have just been hitting a point where they aren't progressing. We don't really know what to do anymore and it sucks. I love that family SO much. The other missionaries have found so many investigators lately. It is amazing. This week they found a family of 12 and ended up finding a total of 18 new investigators. CRAZY! Today I got an email from this member down in the valley that was a bit less active but we would always take out to visit with us. He is going on a mission now!!!! I am super stoked! I haven't baptized a lot of people on my mission but that has made my mission. Don't get me wrong I am still going to work hard to find, teach, convert, and baptize. Other than that my week was the same old same old. This week we have 3 exchanges planned. I have a feeling that I am going to be very tired. 2 are back to back and then 1 on Friday. Hopefully all goes well. I still can't believe I have basically 6 more months left. I can't say that I have received an answer yet as to whether I am to go home early yet or not. I want to but I know that at the same time I am supposed to be here. I was thinking though that I can just go home the week after my Birthday. That or just go home the week of my birthday? Think about it and I will keep praying about it. 

Hey when you say shoes does that mean 1 or 2 pairs? Either way I don't know when I will be going down to the mall. Plus just a heads up I might need to use the credit card to buy groceries. I have $9 left with 2 weeks to go still this month. Hopefully I can get some of the members to help an Elder out haha. My comp doesn't have money either haha.  

Elder Ruelas
LOVE YOU!!!!!!


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