Saturday, December 21, 2013

16 days till we get to talk to you:)

Whats up Mom!

It is super cold out here. So much for sunny California. They forgot to mention that even though it is sunny, it might still be cold. Luckily I have my warm jacket. I plan on buying a scarf. I can't believe I am saying it but some of the missionaries have been wearing them and they make it look really cool. Stuff that I thought was dumb are starting to look cool. I am doing a slight comb over. I just need to lose weight and I would look better than a GQ Model. Pshh who am I kidding I could be 400 pounds and look better than a GQ Model. LOL I went to the mall today and Mom I was about to go crazy when I went into Footlocker. I wanted to get 3 pairs of shoes. I had to walk out but Mom these shoes are really good. There is a pair called Nike Air Presto Lunar. I really want a pair of Blue ones and also this other pair that are Lime Green and Pink. It is mainly Black don't worry they are for men. There are another pair called Nike Rosche Runs. These shoes are nice. Super simple shoe and they are super comfortable. There is this pair that are Grey Black and with an Aqua sole. What is nice is that these shoes are cheap compared to everything else. The first pair are $100 and the 2nd pair are $70. 

I am staying in East Lancaster and my companion and I are going to be staying together for 1 more transfer! We are super excited! I haven't gotten a package from Deseret but did you get that CD? This week was a pretty boring week. We had a lot of meetings so it was kind of long, but it was fun. We had a fun transfer with the missionaries, but we will see who comes in. It will be really fun cause last transfer my comp and I were together, not as companions but as District members. We had fun so we will see what happens this transfer. 

I also want pictures of Chiquis' Baby. 

Take care of the Family. 

Love you!!!!

Elder Ruelas

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