Sunday, April 27, 2014

Happy 100 days left on 3/31/2014!!!!

Whats up Mom!!!!!
I love the fact you are counting down for me! I have 14 weeks left, 3 months left, 99 days left, 2376 hours left, 142560 minutes left, 8553600 seconds left! Not that I am trunky or anything. I have already planned out what sneakers I want to buy when I get home. I have already had missionaries start making me trunky music and movies lists haha. I am SUPER trunky. You know....just saying.... I need to get out of this area. I have been here for 8 months!!!!  I am planning on going on an exchange every day next transfer if I am going to be staying in this area. This week was pretty good. It has been the same old same old but we did find a new investigator that is pretty cool. She is super funny. We don't know how much she remembers but she says some pretty crazy funny stuff. We helped one investigator move and it was pretty fun. I was called cute by a half Japanese half  Mexican lady. I think she wanted to hook me up with her twin 28 year old daughters....  Ladies love me! We were moving beds and we also had to put together our investigators daughter's bed. So I have been telling other missionaries that I helped make a hot girls bed haha. I want to see the reactions of other missionaries so that I can give them a hard time for assuming things. 

I haven't checked the mail but I probably got your package today. I can't wait for this weekend. General Conference!!!!!!  It is gonna be super good. I can't wait to see what crazy stuff happens. Tell dad I hope my abuelo is alright. I'll pray for him. Have the missionaries teach a dinner lesson on the Plan of Salvation then commit the 2 of you to re-teach it a week later back to the 2 of you. We have been doing that with the members here. 

Mom I have lost 7 pounds!!!!!!!! I am gonna come back looking GOOD!!!!! You are gonna have to be my bodyguard mom haha. Nah probably not. Maybe when I get to BYU though. Hey so you are gonna have to sign up for classes for me. I won't be able to do it since it isn't my P-Day. 

Well I gotta get going mom

LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Elder Ruelas

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