Sunday, April 27, 2014

Happy last week in March!!!

Whats up Mom,

Hey so I was trying to load pictures but now my memory card is busted for some reason. Now I can't even take pictures....

I can't believe my last General Conference on the mission is coming up. You are right, these past 2 years have just flown by. It definetly hasn't been easy but I will without a doubt say that these have been the best 2 years FOR my life. I have 3 months left and I am working hard till the end. I have learned a lot but still want to learn more. More than anything I still have 3 more months to testify of the truth.

So this week was pretty funny. My companion fractured his pinkey and we had to go to the doctor a lot. Then we tried to figure out how he can tell the story of how he busted his pinkey on his mission to girls and we couldn't figure anything out haha. Back to a more spiritual aspect, We had a pretty good week. We set a baptismal date to help this man have more motivation to keep trying to quit smoking and keep staying on good behavior. Our zone has been doing super good lately. We have had 2 baptisms and could've had 3 but one was on probation. We have another 2 or 3 baptisms this weekend. We will see how the month finishes. This week we are going to the temple. I can't wait to drive through all of my old areas again. There is a missionary in the zone that I went on exchanges. He is a Spanish elder but he wants to go to English work. I tried to help him understand that Spanish work is where he was called to serve but it just wasn't getting to him. We will see what happens. Hopefully he doesn't change but who knows. 

I can't wait to see Isabel. I have a lot to do when I get home but she will have my full attention. Hey so I was thinking that in my last transfer you could send me my gold watch and a new bottle of the Vicotria Secret cologne that way I can wear it when I fly home....just saying.

So those are the classes I want to take for the fall. Why did you say no to Jazz? I really hope I can get those classes though because I think the schedule will be great! But ya'll can sign up for me right? If not I am going to have to let President know that I need to sign up myself. 


Elder Ruelas

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