Sunday, April 27, 2014

Happy 3 Months this Wednesday!!!

Whats up Mom!

Ya so General Conference was SICK! It was the highlight of the week. It was full of meetings so by the end of the Sunday Afternoon session I had to stand up and watch the rest of the conference. I really like the Priesthood session. I also really liked the Saturday morning Session. I have a feeling I am going to have to study this session a lot when I get home. I just got that feeling. (Something that is said in my Patriatical Blessing) It was pretty funny cause I kept on getting trunky cause I would hear the Apostles say stuff and then I would think "OK I am going to do that when I get home." Then I would start to think about going home and what I am going to do and all of this stuff so I had to stop and think about other things haha. What did you think about conference? I really recommend going back and listening to or reading the Saturday Morning session. It was really REALLY good. 

I got your package and I already spent some money. We found some SICK piggy banks and so I got a Glass Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Piggy bank and an Optumis Prime Piggy Bank. I am gonna try to go back and get a minion from Dispicable Me for Isabel. I got Dad's letter too. I haven't had time to write him back though. I am going to try to do that tonight before I go to bed and also to my converts down in the Valley. 

Thank you for signing up for my classes. I plan on going back in the Fall. I need to stay busy and keep working hard. I don't want to start slacking. I am nervous for school but I am super excited! I get to see a whole bunch of girls! haha But when I get home I need to eat Healthy cause I gotta lose weight and look good for the girls at college just saying.

Hey so I had to buy a new SD card because I can't figure out what happened to the one that I had. I was gonna try to send pictures and I did something and now the pictures don't show up on the camera and I can't take any new pictures. 

Love You!!!!!!

Elder Ruelas

Your Son

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