Saturday, August 11, 2012

August 10, 2012

Hey Mom,
Dang those pictures of the Spanish Branch in West Liberty are awesome! It stinks that the branch still isn't there but at least now the ward in Muscatine is getting too big that we might have to split. I agree with Brother Laughead. I want to be put into the afternoon one so that I can sleep in.  Seriously though that is awesome about the ward, it looks like the missionaries there are working hard. 
It looks like Chiquis and Demetrius´ wedding went well! It stinks that I couldn't go. I definetly would have been your dancing partner. Lets just say that I do not like the rule about not being able to dance. I dont need music I just want to bust a move or 2 when I am really happy. Like when a lesson goes really well and I am really happy. I just want to start dougieing? (the dougie is a dance in case you didnt know) but I can't do it because I will get in trouble if a teacher walks by. And yes it has happend already. Its like yes, I know exact obedience brings miracles but let me celebrate, since I am getting better at teaching! lol. I dont really remember a lot of things you told me. Again I don't have my letter with me because I just came from the temple. Did you get the book signed by my Tio Humberto? Did you have him sign it to me? lol  But how is everything going? Yes definetly make a movie list for me so when I get back I can watch them. Imma go albino since I will be inside watching movies all the time but you know how much I love movies! lol
It was awesome yesterday, I received the most letters. Ya I felt cool. It was funny because Ben's girlfriend sent me a letter and on the back it had a picture of Justin Bieber on it. I put it on my desk and everybody that saw it drew on his face and made him look terrible. Then our teacher got a little mad because nobody was paying attention but its whatever. Anyways keep telling people to write me cause I LIKE GETTING LETTERS. You need to TELL MY FRIENDS too. They told me they would write me but nobody has. Only a friend from SOAR has. Oh Wednesday, I saw a buddy of mine from SOAR. I completely forgot that he was coming. It was good to see him. 
I got sick again. I decided to go to the doctor because it wasn't going away as fast as it usually does. He gave me medication but I had to pay some of it. So I believe there is going to be a charge on my debit card for about $20. I dont want you to think that my card got stolen. Also I am going to need some more cash. I dont need it right now but more for when I leave on the 5th, just in case my bags are over the limit. They also told me that I get to call you when I am at the airport. Just a heads up. 
It stinks that I can't ask you too look up some talks for me so I can re-read them. The talks that are given here every Sunday and Tuesday are really good but they are only available to us. Tuesday was my favorite one this week. The guy talked about how we are going to be bringing the light of Christ to the lives of those who live in darkness. And that we must be ready at all times to have the spirit because if we aren't worthy to have the spirit, we can't have the light. Then he went on to explain some history of the Book of Mormon. It reminded me of a talk Jeffery R. Holland gave about the Book of Mormon. That one by Elder Holland you can look up and I recommend you do. (Anything by Elder Holland and Elder Bednar are really good) But it was just a great atmosphere to be in to hear someone who I have never heard of share their thoughts and their testimony of the Book of Mormon. I really felt my testimony of the Book of Mormon has grown a ton just from hearing his thoughts. Anyways I just want to share my testimony really quick before I run out of time. I know that this Church is true without a doubt in my heart. It is the Church of Jesus Christ and it is the same as when He established it on the earth. It was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith. By the power of God he was able to translate the Book of Mormon. That book did not come from his mind. It is not like Twilight or any other book. It was written for us by Prophets who once lived on the earth. As I said The Book of Mormon was written for us so that we can learn and grow. It has the fullness of the gospel just like it says on the introduction page. If people will read it they will feel the power that it has and they will feel the Holy Ghost testifying to them that it is the word of God. and that the Book of Mormon is True. I say that in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Elder Ruelas
I still want cookies! Not from Dear Elder.

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