Wednesday, November 21, 2012

November 19, 2012

Hey Mom!

Not gonna lie, I wish I was in Texas with you guys.

I would Love letters from everybody. It would be sweet to hear how everybody in Texas is doing. It is good to hear that Gabriels son is talking. (How is his daughter? IDK if that is a touchy subject or not.) So you didn't find anything for me then? Dang, with my comps we never get to go shopping on P-Day. Everything is rushed because they don't know how to hurry and not waste time. Oh well. I just want to go to the swap meet and I will be happy. They are telling me that it is huge and in-doors. Just like in Chicago.

They sound like good missionaries if they actually helped out my Tio. I have heard of some really lazy missionaries here. Lets just say that if I get them as comps, I'm gonna push them. Tell Paulina to send me some money since she won Lotteria haha. She owes me for being nice to her last year lol. Yes I have dinner on Thanksgiving. It is Hermana Garcia. We just call her Hermanita. We might even get 2 dinners depending on what time we have it with Hermanita. Our recent convert wants us over. Hermanita always makes the best food and stuffs our faces so IDK if I will have room for 2 dinners.

Ya I heard Breaking Dawn pt. 2 was good. There is another missionary here who likes it and it just so happenes to be the other Brown guy in our district haha. That will be the 1st movie we watch together when I get back.

Man this week was really good. We are starting to find some better potentials to teach. We shared the Book of Mormon with this kid. At first we were talking to his cousin to see if his Brother-in-Law was there (he is never there). Then the kid (Eric) started to ask us what we do. Of course we explain, and keeps on asking more questions. So we keep on answering. We start to tell him about the Book of Mormon and I could see that he is getting more and more interested. So I mention my favorite point to bring up. It is the fact that the Book of Mormon is a record of my heritage, along with anyone else who is from Latin America. Eric is getting more and more impressed and asks what kind of stuff is in it, so we tell him "Stories about wars, God, and so on." He thought about it for a quick second and actually said that he would like to read that book. I get super excited and just give him the book like it was my first time (it was my first time haha). It was really cool. The best thing that happened though was when we went back to that same place on Friday. Eric wasn't there but we taught his cousin Dandy and Alexis. It was a really good lesson, but I shared my testimony of the 1st vision and The Book of Mormon and I could just feel the presence of the Holy Ghost. I don't know why it was any different from any other time, but I could feel the Holy Ghost testifying to me that it is true. The thing that stunk though was that they and their mom didn't accept the invitation to be baptized. Oh well, I came out feeling good about the lesson because I knew that the Holy Ghost was there.

Well mom there isn't much else to say. Love you and have fun in Texas. Eat a lot for me. Yes I got dads beef Jerky. I haven't gotten your letter yet, but I will probably get it today.

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Ruelas

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