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November 26, 2012

Hey Mom!
It is good to hear that you had a good time in Texas. When you said that you and dad went to eat at the  Marriotte I got a little jealous haha. Well this week was pretty fun. Monday nothing really happened and the same with Tueday but Wednesday was a fun day. We helped this lady move A LOT of stuff into a truck to take to the swap meet. It is all good though because every Monday she gives us food, and a lot of it. After that we had a lesson with this guy that we found knocking. He is a cool guy that is pretty religious. We were walking there though when this lady (Black) says to us, "Hey are you guys going to the strip club."  My companion says "no" we are going to the opposite. And of couse my first thought is don't say that! She is going to turn it around on us and be like OH you guys are going to the chip and dales. Anyway, she tried telling us that missionaries tried to go over to her mom's house . She said that they couldn't convert the missionaries though. DUH!!! Your church isn't true! We just kept walking. 
We get to our appointment and it is going well. This week it was my job to ask people to be baptized, so I asked him and he said ya. He didn't get the whole Priesthood thing though so we had to explain that to him. We also had to explain that even after he gets baptized, he still has to come to church. I had no clue what to say to the guy. I don't think that we explained it very well, but luckily we have a return appointment for tomorrow. I have thought a lot about what to say to him and I finally figured it out. It's annoying that I can't think of the things to say to them in the moment. That happened to me again after that because we went and taught these 2 guys who are 15 and 17. We asked them to be baptized and again I had no clue what to say to them. Luckily my companions were there and talked to them. They didn't commit, but I felt better about them than with the other guy. 
Oh yea I also got dragged into the Choir, so I will be singing. And also on Tuesday, I finished the Book of Mormon!!!! I read it for 12 weeks and read it cover to cover. Before I never read the Testimonies but that is included. Now I am reading the New Testament. Thanksgiving was fun. We didn't get much done but we did what we needed to. We found this lady who's husband died less than a year ago and it was her first holiday season without him, so we decided to make her cookies and take them over to her. She wasn't there but we are going to see tonight if she got them or not because we left them in front of her door. The thing that stinks is that she speaks English so we can't teach her. The good thing is that we are going over tonight to introduce her to the English sisters and she also has a roomate who speaks Spanish that we are going to try to teach again tonight. Back to Thursday, we planned for this week then went to dinner. Man, Hermana Garcia can cook!!! She also loaded up my plate with food but nobody elses so I ate more than everyone else. She cooked Turkey but Mexican style, Jamon, Sphaghetti, Salsa. IT was good! The other Elders made Cheese cake  and some bread thing and I made cookies. Her family was impressed. It was kind of wierd because they don't celebrate Thanksgiving so the guys were watching soccer, the girls were in their room, and the Hermana sat with us. It was nice that she ate with us though, because she never does. Her older son came over with his friends and they were drunk, but they were scared of us or Hermana Garcia. Nobody messes with her haha. But I have never heard Guey used so much. "Hey guey!" "Que guey?" "Ven pa qua guey" "Porque guey?" "No mas guey" "Ok guey." I gave up listening to them after that. It was fun though. Finally everybody started to eat and everybody was impressed with the desserts we brought. 
Friday I was Zone Leader for the day. One of them got called to be Assistant to the President so they took him to the temple with all the missionaries that are leaving. Saturday was a service day. We helped the Hermano put sod down and that took a lot longer than expected. We helped him from 9 to 3:30 P.M. Lets just say that my whole body is sore. It is all good though because that guy knows how to cook and he cooked us breakfast and lunch. Sunday was a crazy day. We go to church and during sacrament meeting I get a txt from the other Elders saying that this Elder from another area is there. He has 3 days left on his mission and his parents are helping him break the rules. He has a phone and is hugging all of these girls and I am thinking to myself "WOW" this guy is suppose to be this great missionary who has had a ton of baptisms and is suppose to be a good example to the new missionaries. Then the sister missionaries had a baptism which was really nice so that made up for what happened at church.
I found out that I am staying here with one of my companions and the other one is leaving. We still have no clue who is the new district leader. We should be getting a call sometime today.
Well that was my week. It was good to hear that you made it back home safely and that you had a good time in Texas. Eventhough it sounds like a pretty crazy time. Love you mom and take care!
Elder Ruelas

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