Monday, December 17, 2012

December 10, 2012

Whats up Mama

Yes I have been out for 23 weeks. I had to double check. I still can't believe it! That is good that ya'll are staying home and cooking. That is all I get and I love it. Every once and a while we will go out to eat. We have this Barbecue place that we like to go to and we went last Monday. Otherwise we only go to In&Out when we don't have a dinner and we don't want to cook at night.

Ya I would like my winter coat. I don't know what is going to happen this next transfer. I could leave the valley and go to the desert or just stay here. ANYTHING could happen haha. Inside joke. Ya I'll take gift cards. I honestly don't know to where though. Like I said, we don't go out to eat and we don't go shopping much. I guess a finish line gift card........haha.....what? If you could though, can I get like one sweatshirt and a pair of sweats.

That is funny about Maxine. I could picture her saying that too! That is good that Lucy is helping out Angelica and Bryan. Tell her to say Frijoles and sofa for me haha. Tell her I will be back when she can say those 2 words right.

I like that scripture you told me about. I found one that I really like as well. I don't know it off the top of my head but it is in 1st Nephi and it is where they talk about the Condesencion of God. It is in Nephi's vision about the life of Christ. I really had to study that scripture out. The way I see it, the chapter isn't about Christ. It is about God. I'll let you figure it out lol.

I did get your Christmas Card. I like the little add in about Isabel.

Well Mom this week was great. Honestly though I dont have a lot of time to tell you about it though. This is the 1st day we have to go shopping at the mall and we have about an hour.

I love you Mom,

Elder Ruelas

P.S. I dont miss you either. Take care of the family mom and have a good week of work. Also I guess I am starting to get some white hairs!!!! Crazy huh. LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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