Sunday, December 9, 2012

December 4, 2012

Hola Mama!

Wow that is scary about everything that happened at Procter & Gamble.

This week was a pretty good week. Except for that I had THE worst case of Diarrhea ever. I couldn't go out that day because I was going every 20-30 minutes. Ha ha just what you want to hear. Well I am staying with my companion Elder Hudson. Lets just say, pray that I can have patience. We worked hard though. We taught the most lessons since I have been here. On Sunday they told us that if the church attendance keeps on dropping like it has been, there won't be a Reseda 4th ward. It stinks because I really love my ward. This testimony meeting was great. It was awesome to hear such strong testimonies from Latinos. I was trying to fight back tears the entire hour because it got to me that bad. Elder Hudson and I aren't about to let the ward collapse though. We are working a lot with our less actives and especially the youth. We took this guy, Freddie, with us to a lesson and it was amazing from what I heard. Freddie hasn't been to church in a while. We also took his mom, who is an amazing member by the way, to a lesson with us and she connected really well with the investigator. When she bore her testimony I was in awe. It was just a really good atmosphere.

Ya right like I'm not going to buy shoes. What else am I going to get. I get ties at the 99 cent store or thrift stores now. My shirts and pants are still good. Anyways I can't skype. We can, but there aren't a lot of people who have skype in my ward. I don't even think that they have internet. Plus we can only call 1 time unless our parents are divorced. And the calls have to be 30-40 minutes. That will probably be the rule that I break. And I will probably call on Christmas day just because there won't be much to do that day. Christmas Eve is our P-Day and we have dinner at a members house.

Ya I wouldn't send me clothes unless it is ties, pants, White shirts, garments, or shoes; Ha ha. Other than that at night, service, or sports are when I wear t-shirts and shorts. It is a rule that we are supposed to be in our church clothes everyday. As far as I know I am the same size. We don't have a scale. But get this, yesterday we had Elder Don R. Clark from the 70 come and talk to us. He wanted to shake everybody's hand and when it was my turn, I say my name and where I am from. He says nice to meet you and then taps my stomach and says looks like you get fed well all in Spanish. I was speechless. At first I was mad but then I laughed about it because he said to an Elder in my District infront of everybody. So ya I don't know if I have gained or lost weight. I mean I hope I have lost weight, Ha ha.

Ya I walked into one of my favorite families house and they have their Christmas decorations up and I started to miss home. We shared a good Christmas message with them though so it was all good. Shoot I hope I get stuff from the members. That would be awesome. Tell Sister Hulen and Bishop Clove I am sorry I haven't written them a letter back yet. I have been super busy on P-Days. We have very little time and it doesn't help that in the mornings we are doing our studies now. Its a rule so we are following it. I did learn a ton from my studies this morning. I got more out of the 1st 2 chapters of Nefi that I have ever before. But ya I'm not sure If I will even get a letter out for Dad and Angelica today because we still have to go and get stuff done.

Love you and good luck at work this week. Take care of the family and tell everybody I love them. And tell Dad he still needs to tell me how he goes about talking to people for as long as he does. I run out of things to say to people on the streets. If I already know them I can talk for days, but a new person is what I am struggling with. Anyways again I love you mom!!!

Elder Ruelas

I dont miss you either

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