Monday, January 7, 2013

December 17, 2012

Hey Mom!!!

Yes I got the Shutterfly picture book. I loved it!. I love the faces Isabel makes. When she is holding her toy and when Bryan is holding her. 

Ya Christmas will be pretty weird. We have dinner on both Christmas Eve and Christmas day, but on Christmas day we still have to work. Weird but we were challenged to do it. We are probably going to call in the morning but I don't know what time. Christmas Eve is a P-Day so we aren't working haha. Either way I don't want to be stuck in the appartment with my companion for any longer than I have to. I got 3 more weeks with the guy and I hope one of us is leaving. 

Don't worry I am fine. Just like I told you before my mission I have the best body guard on my side. Plus anyway the World is going to end on the 21st haha. I just saw something for the first time today about that.

Well this week was really long. This was by far the longest week I have had on my mission, but we did get a lot of lessons in. I believe we got 12 lessons in this week which is by far the most I have taught in one week. One of them I was really upset about afterwards though. It was my turn to start talking and I choked. And it was about my favorite subject, the Atonement. I love teaching about the Atonement and I had no clue what to say. I made sure to study more about the Atonement the next day because I do not want that to happen again. Other than that my week was good but a boring week. Oh ya I had like the 24 hour flu yesterday or something. I had never felt so bad before, but I feel perfectly fine right now.

No I didn't get any shopping done. It turned into a backpack hunt for my companion. He took the entire time and then returned it today because he wasn't happy with it. Today though, this other Elder and I are making him go to the sneaker stores with us but otherwise we probably aren't going to go anywhere. I still want to go to the swap meet but it is really far away. 

I just remembered something crazy that happened this week. We had to take an Elder to the hospital like at midnight on Saturday night. He had really bad stomach pains and was throwing up really bad. It was a crazy experience. Don't worry though, I am fine.

Love you mom!!!!! I'll call you in like a week haha!

Elder Ruelas

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