Monday, February 4, 2013

December 31, 2012

Hey Mom!

Well this week was super good. Still nobody getting baptized but I have never felt so happy like this week. One of my goals was just to be a good example to the youth since I grew up with a ton of JOKES as missionaries. Well yesterday this guy who is my age told us that now he is thinking a lot about going on a mission. Before I got here he would never even go with the missionaries. This other kid who always comes out with us, straight up told us that he loves coming out with us and thanked us for being a good example to him. This family where the husband is a member and the wife is an investigator wanted us to tell their daughter the best parts about being a missionary. They don't ask the sister missionaries haha.... Then Sunday we had my first investigators come to church!!!! They didn't stay for Sacrament meeting,  but I was just happy that they came!!! It felt good haha. Plus the hermanas had their baptism and everything went well. Otherwise that was all for this week.

Looks like Molly was having a good time at Christmas haha. Don't worry I am fine here.
What gifts are you talking about? I got the sweatshirt and the sweats but if there was something else then no. Sorry but nothing happened this week. LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Ruelas

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I like Isabels Santa outfit haha

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