Monday, February 4, 2013

January 7, 2013

I AM GETTING TRANSFERED!!!!! Man our area was finally starting to get some solid investigators and now I am leaving! I dont know where I am going yet, but I will find out tomorrow. I guess you will have to wait 1 more week until you find out where I am going haha. Wait just send the package to the office and I will get it faster.
I didn't really do anything for my 6 months, but I did have a really good day. We picked up 4 new investigators (a family) and kind of got through to our less actives. Overall we had a really good week. We went over our goals on everything except church attendance (as usual). It is crazy how I am leaving though. I can't believe that it has been 4 months here in Reseda and 6 months overall. Time has just flown by so fast! Don't worry I am still working hard no matter where I am. It's funny though because my companion will be training and he will be training somebody named Elder Garcia. The other brown kid (Moreno) is the new district leader haha. He doesn't want to be because he doesn't want to besuper strict to the rules haha.
It stinks that the week was bad. Everybody out here is getting sick too. My companion got sick but thankfully I haven't. Especially since he doesn't know how to cover his mouth. Pero ya me voy!!! haha But it sounds like Dinner was funny. There was a member who made a "Moreno" joke too. An investigator walked in and said his name was something Moreno. The member looked at him and said "Yo soy Moreno tambien, pero no de apellido" man when he said that I died in class haha. I tell ya these Mexicans! what? haha. Sacrament sounded interesting haha. Ours was good. The guy who reminds me of John/Lucy gets up every Sunday and he always makes us laugh.
 Well I think that is it for this week Mom. LOVE YOU!!! and take care of everybody
Elder Ruelas

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