Monday, February 4, 2013

January 22, 2013

What Michele is Pregnant?!?!?!?!
Sorry Hi MOM!!!
Bummer that everybody is sick. My comp was sick but he got over it pretty quick. Thankfully I havent gotten sick. I would buy pants here but there is no Walmart. California is wierd haha. Well at least Van Nuys is. I love the area but the people are a little out there haha. On the way here to the Library some guy drove by yelling "SATAN RULES." haha after that happened I was just laughing and thought to myself that the guy is a moron. The other night we had a guy stop us and try to tell us that what we were doing was wrong. He shook my hand as he said it and tried to squeeze my hand hard. Haha you know me, I just smiled right back and squeezed hard right back and didn't let go until he gave up. To have a little fun when he let go I squeezed harder, haha. Well that is Van Nuys for ya. Don't worry I am safe. I got Elder Olson as my body guard. I am excited for those CD's though.
Hey don't bash on the people in front of you at the Hockey Game. Remeber your son is on bike and I sweat A LOT!!!! haha. But not gonna lie, the people to the left and right of me stink like no other. I thought it was me but I checked, I put on deoderant today haha. Dont worry clean underwear on as well.
Honestly nothing really happenend this week. To be honest I don't like bikes because we waste so much time riding around to each place. Our area really is a car area, but they took the car away because our area had a ton of Apostate missionaries. As I have said before, this mission used to be filled with bad missionaries. Our mission president isn't having it though. I think he has sent home 3 missionaries. It is for the good though, I don't want to be around disobedient missionaries when I am trying to work hard.
I wish I could tell you more, but there isn't anything going on. We have dropped like half of our investigators because they are a bunch of flojos. Please don't ever make an excuse not to go to church or let me do it either. That has to be the most annoying thing ever. That and when we were teaching a lesson and this girl in the background is mocking the mini law of chasity lesson that we taught because the investigators found something that related to it in the Book of Mormon. There have been a couple of times this past week where I have had to check myself because I was gonna call people out, but when I would go over what I was going to say in my head, it didn't sound to good haha. I guess I have been getting some tests on patience as well.
Well hopefully everything is going well mom. Love YOU!!!!! Take care and I hope everybody feels better.
Elder Ruelas

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