Monday, February 4, 2013

January 28, 2013

MAMA!!! So you never answered if Michele is pregnant!!!!
Hopefully Isabel gets better soon. Ya Id say those 2 pants are good. That is all the pants I will need for now. I dont need a whole bunch of new ones yet, Ill wait till the year mark or so haha. Thanks for the package. I like the stamps but whats up with the envelopes? haha Now I have plenty of detergent and now I can wash all of my dirty underwear haha...what? Last week the weather was nice and warm. It even got up to  80 degrees, but now it is back to the cold and it has been raining. It sucks because the wind doesn't help either. Thursday Elder Olson and I biked to the church for our zone conference in the rain haha. It was so much fun, plus we got respect from one of the old guys in the office that is very hard to please! The water was up to my calf. I couldn't get a picture though, it was raining way too much and I didn't want to mess up my camera. Maybe next time. I'm excited for the CD! I really liked the Doctrine and Covenants CD. If you can, can you send me the Book of Mormon CD's? If not it is fine.
Dang 35 years! Lucy is old!! Don't tell her I said that. I bet she will have fun with the bike. Lets just hope she doesn't fall off and that it is short enough. Ya go ahead and sell all the Beenie Babies. Spend it on Isabel. I need to go and buy some bike parts. I'm gonna go ahead and put it on my debit card and just use my Christmas money. 
We can't go to the beach, plus it isn't in our area. Our Mission President is trying to change the mission and wants us to be strictly obedient. On P-day we don't really go out. There is a set of Elders that have a car, but they are super busy like us.  
HAHA its about time that Dad gets dentures.
Don't worry I'm still going to work hard even if I don't get a baptism. As long as I keep on working hard and try to better myself each day and succed I will be happy. I am just working on being more receptive to the spirit. Ya I am having trouble with that but I pray each day to have more opportunities to have the spirit guide me so that I can have more opportunities to follow the spirit and be better at recognizing the spirit. I'm learning that everything is a process and to keep working at it. "If at first you dont succed dust yourself off and try again" Wow I can't believe I just quoted Aaliyah. haha
Love you Mom!!!!
Elder Ruelas

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