Saturday, March 9, 2013

Feb 19, 2013

Whats up Mom!

Yes I did get Miguels letter and I already sent him one back. I had to make sure that I got him the right address so that he doesn't keep sending it to the MTC. I got your letter, but I didn't get dad's, at least not yet. I hope I get it soon just so I can finally hear something about his reaction to what I last wrote him. Hopefully I can get something new out of him. Well I did get a baptism but it stinks because I couldn't even go to it. It was my old investigators from Reseda. The worst part was that the church where the baptism happened is in my area. Unless we have an investigator or a less active there, we can't show up to other people's baptisms. I was super bummed out. I honestly didn't want to get into trouble and I didn't want my companion to get into trouble since he is Senior Companion. All the blame would get put on him.

That is sweet that Isabel is growing. Everybody who I meet and has a baby I tell them about her as well.

Nothing has really happened here. It was a good week for teaching lessons but nobody at church. We had 2 baptismal dates but one of them was cancelled. The guy's name is Luis Zuniga. We got him to really open up to us and he told us that he is addicted to smokeing and wants to stop. We set a baptismal date for the 10th of March and the rule here is that they have to come to church 3 times. The guy hasn't come once. It was really annoying because we went to his house yesterday morning to walk with him and when we call him he says "ya give me 30 minutes I still need to get ready. I'll meet you guys at church." He never came! I'm getting ready to drop the guy. The other baptismal date is legit, it is just that his family is less active. The kids name is Jerry and he is 9. He understands everything more than all the other people we are teaching. We ask him what does priesthood mean and he tells us where as other people are "ughhhh? IDK?" It just stinks because his brother is paralyzed and in a wheel chair. He is all there it is just that his body is deformed. His mom I think he just doesn't want to come. We finally got her to start talking to us and open up to us. The husband dips and dodges us because he isn't a member. It was funny we went over on Saturday and he gets up and goes to his room. My companion is like oh its ok you can stay and watch the T.V. His response is no my back hurts. Jerry is awesome though. He wants to come to church and wants to get baptized. When he says the prayers, he makes them more personal that some of the members. Every time I'm like just get baptized haha. Our biggest worry with him though is that when he gets baptized, he is just going to go innactive because he won't be able to get a ride and his mom wont let him.

Well mom Van Nuys is boring and nothing is happening. That's why I don't have anything much to to write you except about those 2 people. Don't worry though we make it fun. We knocked this door and a guy only puts his head out. He tells us that he only has his boxers on, in other words he was already telling us no, so I said to him "Hey I know you don't have any pants on but can we come in anyways and share this message?" Of course he says no but after he closes the door my comp starts laughing. Lets just say I said it sarcasticly. Dont worry we are having fun even though it is a little hard here. I have no doubt in my mind that all of this effort will pay off in the long run.


You only son and FAVORITE CHILD



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