Sunday, March 17, 2013

Feb 26, 2013

Well that stinks about the snow....It is nice and toasty here - haha!

Bummer that nothing is going on at home. Nothing is really going on here. It was kind of a rough week just because our numbers really dropped. We had 3 days of everything canceling so we had to knock. Nobody let us it at all. We did find 2 new investigators though. They are really ready in my opinion. The husband has cancer and it isn't going away but at the same time isn't getting worse. He can't work and has a hard time sleeping so he read the Restoration pamphlet and understood it really well. It was sweet! We have had 3 lessons with him and the 1st two I took the lead in the lesson. I learned that I don't know how to do that. I also learned that you taught me well. I don't know how to interupt people. So the 1st 2 lessons was basically him just talking....I need to learn how to disobey you more -haha. I was really frustraded because I can honestly see this guy getting baptized in 3 weeks but I need to learn how to control the conversation. Tough week but we worked through it. We are trying to learn from last week so that we can be better this week.
Oh and it was crazy. They had to cancel church yesterday because the church smelled like gas. It was CRAZY!!!! haha 

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