Saturday, March 9, 2013

Feb 11, 2013


I am good with socks, no I am not getting transfered but we may be moving (probably not), no you don't need to call the bishop because I am getting fed well (VERY WELL), and no new restaurants just because we get fed (ALOT).

Hey so get this there is a winter advisory warning going on right now haha what a joke. They need to go to Iowa. But this place is nice weather wise. The sunsets are amazing too! We are really close to an airport so my companion and I are always looking up to see the planes so we see the sunset all the time. We both get amazed by the flying things. (haha)

So new T.V.? Your gonna let me take it to college right? haha Tell Lucy I miss her too and that I would have scared here with the toy snake. Speaking of snakes, I held one the other day. Sunday was a really good day and the best day out of the week. We got our investigator with a baptismal date to go to a baptism and he really liked it. Then the Familia Stones fed us dinner. (yes it is stones, white husband Mexican wife). The rest of the week was ehh. We are working on it though. I am super excited for next Sunday though because 2 of the people I taught back in Reseda are finally getting baptized!!! It is going to be great! Honestly that was my week. Not to much is happening.


Elder Ruelas

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