Sunday, March 17, 2013

March 4, 2013

Whats up MOM!!!

Sucks about the rain- haha. Everything is good here I guess. I am just really tired. The time change got to me as well. We did have an investigator show up to church yesterday and he really liked it. His name is Manuel and he is sweet!. The down side is that he has cancer and he is really confused about baptism. We are working with him though as well as his wife. She cracks me up because he is the type of person that beats around the bush when he is asking us a question and she will just butt in and get mad at him and get him to ask us straight up. It seems like she understands it better than he does, but we can't tell how interested she is. 

Thanks for the package. I'm not gonna lie though, you got to quit sending me candy- haha. I did like the CD's it is just President is getting strict on what type of church music just so that we can keep the spirit with us. I'm gonna ask him about some of them but others I'm gonna have to send home for sure- haha. I have stuff I need to send home anyways, it is just that I have some things I need to do before I send them home. Its a secret/surprise for you and dad. I'm not sure how long it will take, but I will get it to you guys. 

Again nothing has really happened this week. I did have a cool experience on Friday though. Something that I am working on is finding by the Spirit because it is easy just to knock doors, but it takes work to knock on the door of a person or a family that has been prepared by our Heavenly Father. We work diligently but now we need to work effectively. Anyways we had some free time before dinner so we went to walk in this neighborhood, which was weird because we only work in apartment complexes, but I had this feeling that we should go back. So we did. We ended up running into this guy named Angel. He was in a car wreck and he was working on his car. We talked with him a bit and he says to come back the next day. So we do and we teach him the Plan of Salvation because he was asking a lot of questions about life and what happens when we die. Wasn't a very good lesson because he kept on interupting. He is very A.D.D., but it was good because we at least planted a seed. He told us about how he used to do drugs and how he wants to quit and he wanted help. When he saw us he said that he had said "Those guys look cool. If they come and talk to me I will listen." SICK!!!! Then he said that in the past if we were to knock on his door or if Jehovah's Witnesses would knock he wouldn't answer. It feels really good now thinking about it because I had acomplished a goal that I had, which was finding by the Spirit. We had a return appointment on Sunday and he wasn't there, but like I said at least we planted a seed and now he knows. 

I wish I could go home but it is just to see you guys. I am happy that I am here on my mission. That is awesome that Natalie is going on a mission! Is she speaking English? CRAZY!!! 

Anyways take care and I love you guys!!! Hey what happened to the pictures of Isabel you were going to send me? And I'm not allowed to get on to YOUTUBE! Trying to tempt me I see haha. LOVE YOU!!!

Elder Ruelas

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