Saturday, April 13, 2013

March 18, 2013

Wadup Mama!
Well to answer your questions. No I didn't wear the tie...I kind of forgot it was St. Patricks day- haha. All the latinos were celebrating it though. Yesterday there were so many parties and a ton of Drunk people. Me being the stubborn person that I am, go up and talk to them just to mock them. "Hey do you want a picture of Jesus Christ!." I should probably stop -haha. There isn't really anything new. Our area was super big for it being a bike area and they finally split it. YES!!!! I was so tired before just from all the biking. The thing that stinks though is that the area that we lost had all of our investigators in it. So all we have been doing is finding new ones which I like so it is all good. We actually got into 2 bashes this past week. I still don't know if bible bashing is okay but I really wanted to. All I did was bear my testimony but they denied it. That is what really made me mad. They both denied it twice. Oh well. 

I did read today that anybody who falsely accuses us Saints will be cursed along with their posterity. Even though they denied my testimony, I cannot. I know what I have felt and they are the ones who looked like fools and will realize it when they are judged. Anyways this new area is SICK!!!! We never really worked in it because we never had time or a reason to go up. I don't want to get transfered. I do but I don't- haha. I just really want to work in this new area. Plus I have learned a lot here and I want to keep on learning here. This big box may not come for a while. I'm not sure when I will get it sent out but I need to get the surprise for you and dad done. And please no more candy haha I need to go back home skinnier than I came out. Yes, I am writting people back but last week I was super busy so I couldn't write dad back and I'm not sure if I am going to have time today to write any letters either. Don't worry I will write Dad and Angelica back. Even though dad writes me the same thing every letter and won't say anything about my letter I sent him about the temple. 
Sorry about the allergies. Everybody has them here. Kinda sucks but at least I don't have them! haha. There is this number we call "Tell Me" to see what the weather is going to be and one morning we called it because it was 90 the day before, and they said it was 53 outside with a little smog. If I come home with breathing problems you know why haha. ya well there isn't much going on either. 

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
Elder Ruelas

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