Saturday, April 13, 2013

April 8, 2013

Yes I want a family reunion shirt!
Hi Mom,
Conference was great. The Priesthood session was the best for me. I can't wait to get the Ensign and study them some more. I really liked Elder Holland's talk about believing. I didn't want him to stop haha. Plus I actually missed the begining part of President Uchtdorf's talk because I was setting up chairs for the Spanish meeting. That is awesome that dad watched conference. There was a ton of great talks. That is sweet though that Camila is getting blessed! I still remember when Emmalena was blessed. It is crazy how fast time is going by! Before you know it I will be home! haha na I still got a lot of work to do out here. I wish I could go to the sealing too. You should have told them to do it out here and maybe President Hall would have let me go haha ya right... haha.
Ya that bug was just on the sidewalk and it freaked me out. Oh guess what! A pigeon almost hit me this past week. We were knocking a door and there was this air conditioner unit sticking out and the bird landed on it. Then it flys down and then away from us. THAT freaked me out haha. Things are going great here. Working hard as usual and we have been doing a ton of finding. And we have met some interesting people. VERY interesting people haha.
Why do I need a new bike seat? and no I don't need new shoes. I do need some that don't stink so much but I just put powder in it before we go out so it doesn't stink haha. Thats cause we WORK HARD haha.
Well mom Love you and take care of everybody. Tell everybody I say whats up haha.
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Ruelas
P.S. Where did you get that CD from that you sent me? And thanks for the talks!

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