Saturday, April 13, 2013

March 25, 2013

Ya so I wanted you to send me that talk through the postal service, not email haha. It cost 3 bucks to print it out here at the library. The charge to the credit card was for a bike repair. My rim busted last week and I HAD to get a new one otherwise we would have walked everywhere. My front tire is still busted but it is still ridable. Last week was a dry week for mail. Not a single letter.
So get this, my comp and I are staying together for another transfer. He is ready to get out of Van Nuys though. he has been here since October so I don't really blame him, but thankfully he still works hard no matter what. Honestly I am ready to go to a new place now haha, but It is whatever. I have noticed that I am getting less and less patient with people. In other words, a lot less love. This morning before an appointment my comp said "Good Morning" to this guy walking his dog. The guy says "God Bless" and keeps walking. We didn't say anything, but the guy turns back around and says "I Said God Bless". He makes a big deal about it and tries to tell us off. Why didn't you say it back and Blah Blah Blah. My Comp just says "I have never said it to anybody. That wasn't how I was raised". More words are exchanged and the guy walks away. It just feels like California is filled with people like that and it is starting to get really annoying. Oh well that was my complaint for the day. We actually did meet this Part member family who has some real potential. We are super excited to see what comes from these visits. Out of nowhere the wife and the daughter come and sit down, before they didn't, and they stayed the entire time we were there. The wife ends up telling us "ya before I never wanted to listen to you guys, but now I want to learn more." Elder Olson and I were super excited. We still work hard to find those people who are being prepared to accept the gospel. Ya nothing much really happened this past week. Just the same old same old. Right now there are a ton of less active families here and the ward gets smaller and smaller as time goes on.
So how is everybody? Of course dad tells me the same thing every letter so I know "todos estan bien" but I mean everybody not just the ones in the house haha. 
Anyways love you Mom Have fun at the craft show and no my shoes are off limits. You are not allowed to sell them for supplies.

Elder Ruelas

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