Saturday, June 1, 2013

April 21, 2013

Hi haha. Well this past week was really good. We found a ton of people to teach. Sunday was the best though. This 8 year old girl got baptized and she asked me to do the confirmation! It was awesome. I was super nervous but it went really well. We got a 9 year old investigator to go to the baptism and now she wants to get baptized! All we have to do is teach her now since she has been to church more than 3 times. AWESOME!!!! This past week we also found another person who seems really prepared. He has a ton of trials in his life, but he is super optimistic. I will never forget what he said to us. His mom is really sick with cancer and has almost died about 3 times. He told us "Well I guess God needs another angel up above. Satan is working hard but God is working harder." WOW. Somebody with a lot of faith.
I won't find out about moving to a new area until May. That is when transfers are. And I won't find out about a mission change until July. There is a lot of good things going on here and I am really excited for it. It still amazes me how fast time is going. About to hit 10 months, Isabel about to hit 9. CRAZY!!!!! It is super fun out here and I am learning a lot. I am starting to see some things come true in my Patriartical Blessing and I am just in amazement. Something I am doing for part of my personal study is that I am reading the Book of Mormon and reading all of the footnotes. It is taking a long time but I am learning a ton! It amazes me at how people try to say that Joseph Smith wrote this book, but there is absolutely no way especially someone with the lack of schooling like Joseph Smith had. I will always testify that this Book is from God, That this church is the ONLY true church here on Earth. This is the ONLY true church that has everything; Prophets, Apostles, the Priesthood, everything that the Church that Jesus established while he was here is in this church. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is that ONLY church. It stinks that most people won't even try to see if it is true. What stinks the most is when people try to deny the things that I have felt, but "Salvation never was supposed to be easy" and that is why the mission isn't any easier. It is hard being away from you guys, it is hard to have people tell me that I don't know anything just because I am 19, it is hard to see people who really need this Gospel in their life but won't do anything about it, but it wasn't supposed to be easy. I know I am making my Heavenly Father happy. 
The CD was not good at all haha sorry. Ya so I am waiting to walk into somebody's house and see the Trailer for Fast 6. You better take those 2 weeks off so we can watch movies. haha I miss that. There are some Saturday nights where nothing is happening and I just think to myself "I could go for a movie." Music too. Some bike rides stink so I just sing to myself haha. Sunday we just work. In the new area that I am in, we have next to no members. 2 families feed us on Monday and Friday. Don't worry, there is an English member who gets free food and will give us a lot of it. I still eat, maybe too much haha.
Elder Ruelas

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