Saturday, June 1, 2013

April 29, 2013

Whats up Mom,
Sounds like the Reunion was fun. It is perfect timing too. I dont know how the weather was in TX but here it is AMAZING! I wake up and I feel like I am about to start summer break haha. Wait so which shirt am I getting? The original reunion shirt or the Special one? haha ya I will probably get it on Friday at Zone Meeting.
I got a letter from Sky. It was a CD haha. I have been listening to it every day since. Tell My Tia Gloria to hurry up with the letter haha.

You know dad won't let the camero go for 5,000. I bet it gets sold for 6,500. At least dad is thinking about it now since before he would just fight us about it. You have to let me know more info about the tire because it was a while ago when I bought it. If it is from target then yes and if it is from this place called Pedlers West, then yes. I bought tires from target and a rim and a fixed spoke from Pedlers West.
This past week was pretty good. Monday we taught this guy who is trying to give up drinking and it went really really well. He understood everything but the best part came after the lesson. The guy (Victor) lives with a guy named Sam. Sam is Southern Baptist. He is a good example of a Christian, but anyways he pulls us aside and tells us that it was Victor's mom who had refered us to him even though she isn't a member. Sam said that once she told him that, they both prayed for us to come by. He personally thanked us for the work that we do, even though he won't listen to the lessons. It was awesome! Not that he won't listen but the overall experience. This is something I will always remember.
Tuesday we had another really cool lesson with this less active member. We taught him about temple sealings and basically found out the reason he has been less active since he got baptized. Get this. It is because he doesn't really understand Spanish... We taught him the lesson and could tell that it really got to him and then he tells us that. We were super happy to finally find out what was up. Hopefully now he finally gets back and going to the church. On Thursday we had an awesome missionary activity with the ward. It really surprised us because the members brought a ton of friends. None of them live in our area, but at least the other missionaries will have people to go by now haha.
Well that was pretty much my week. Hopefully this week gets even better.
Love you!!!!
Elder Ruelas

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