Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 24, 2013

Whats up Mom!
This new transfer is awesome. Hey so get this, I am training! There was a mix up in calls and President forgot to call me, but luckily the AP had called to let me know that I was invited to the trainers meeting. I am finishing the training of somebody who has only been out for 6 weeks. He is awesome! Elder Frost. I am now up in the Desert and am now part of the new Bakersfield Mission! Crazy! I am able to say that I worthily served in 2 missions haha. My new Mission President gets here this Friday and his name is President Wilson. Hey, I had to spend some money for bike repairs. This week I fell off my bike and busted the rim, but dont worry I am fine. Plus, I did this sick barrel roll. Anyways today I had to buy a new rim, tires, and lights. Somebody stole my lights off of my bike in my last area.

Again I have to apologize to everybody who has written me because I have not written anybody back. I will probably only get 2 letters out today, but we are always busy. Ya so this new area is awesome! Minus the wind everything is great. The nickname we have here is "Sons of the Wind." I am in a branch and the branch is awesome! I'm not gonna lie this place is WAY better than the Valley. I love the Reseda ward, but if everybody could be up here, it would be even better.

That is crazy that Michele and Emmanuel are going to move. I bet they are gonna like it out there. Plus I bet the car rides there are going to be fun for us. ROAD TRIP! haha. So have Dad and Bryan gotten to Virginia yet? Or have they killed each other already haha. That trip will definitely be an adventure.

Hey so did you watch the broadcast yesterday from the Prophet? It was really good and I bet that will help you in your calling. They talked about the help that we need from the ward. They explained why Thales, PJ, Natalie, Kimi, Sharon, and myself are so excited out here. The work is awesome. Ya it stinks when we have doors slammed in our faces, but it is worth it when we find people who are really prepared and the ward is there helping and being friends with the people that get baptized.

Thats about it mom. I wish I could have more to say, but this week was full of meetings. Love you mom and take care of everybody!

Elder Ruelas

P.S. 1 year till I am home! CRAZY!!!!!!

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