Sunday, July 7, 2013

July 1, 2013

Hey Mom,

Yes I got  Sister Bromwells card. How do you know that I am going home July 2nd? Did the new mission President tell you anything? Because as far as I know, I am going home a week later. In San Fernando I would have gone home July 2nd, but now I don't know.

I honestly miss cleaning the church. I'm glad though that I wasn't there for World War 3 between Grandpa and Lucy. Who won? haha. Ya so I am working on getting letters out. I am super behind. I feel super bad but I have no time. On P-day we are never at the house. We play sports and hang out with other Elders and I just want to be talking. I'm working on it though. I'm gonna try to get 3 letters out today. I'm excited for the DVD. We will see when I get home.

Ya so this week was pretty interesting. We finally contacted this referal and he turned into a new investigator. Hopefully we keep on finding people. I am working on contacting people. I am starting to realize that I need to get better at contacting. The guys that we live with served missions like 100 years ago...jk...and they gave us some tips so I am going to try working on that. This year I really want to find a family and get them to the temple. That is my goal for the rest of my time. Even though I didn't teach them, there is a family in the valley that I am going to the temple with November 9th. Anyways this week Elder Frost and I met a guy named Jeff. Crazy story. Cool guy but crazy story. One that I will tell you after the mission because I don't want you to get scared. Remind me when I get home. Yesterday was awesome. An 8 year old got baptized and  it was awesome. I have been to quite a few baptisms like that and I  love them. What was crazy though is that at the last second the Ward Mission Leader tells me I have to give the missionary minute. No problem. Then they ask us to be a part of the confirmation. Out of no where they are like hey we want this to be in English so that the little girl can understand, can you do it. I completely forgot how to say it in English haha. It was awesome though. Out of that Baptism 3 referals came from it. They were all for people in the Old Mission haha. Oh yeah, Elder Frost and I had to give talks in Sacrament Meeting. That was fun. I talked about Every Member a Missionary and really stressed the importance of Studies and the Restoration. It was pretty good, even though I had to cut a lot of things out. My comp took like 25 minutes haha. One of the recent converts came up to him and said "Hey, next time don't talk so long." haha. Ya this place is fun. I honestly love it even though it is SUPER HOT and SUPER WINDY.

I can't believe it has been a year. It has honestly gone by super fast and I can't wait to get this next year started. I am trying hard everyday because I want my mission to be some of the best times and I want the mission to change me for the better. I Love You Mom. Thank you for helping me come out here. I am learning so much and I am gaining the testimony I wanted.

Love You,

Elder Ruelas

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