Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June 3, 2013


Haha Ya I can't belive I am almost at a year and that I am almost 20 years old. It is crazy! My companion keeps on reminding me. I don't want to grow up. I want to be a kid the rest of my life haha. No I don't feel any older but I do feel a lot more responsible. I was feeling that when I started my mission haha. Don't worry I don't stress.... that is cause I have fun haha.

Hey so since you are talking about trees falling get this; yesterday as we were locking up our bikes we just hear this loud crunch and as I look up I see the tree fall just down the street. It was crazy. We walked over really quick to see the damage and to ask if it was an accident or not. Turns out it was just an accident, but right as we walk over there, a guy with a machete comes out and just starts hacking away on the limbs because it was on top of a ladies car. We got a service opportunity out of it haha. People just stared but my companion and I just start hauling away the branches and that is when the people start to help. No new investigators came of it, but it was fun. Service on a Sunday, plus a baptism in our ward.

The Van Nuys ward that I am in hasn't had a baptism this year. Well until last week. This 17 year old got baptized. Then his Younger sister and brother got baptized this Sunday, then his other sister is getting baptized next week, and we will see about the week after that. We have a super solid investigator as well. His name is Julio and this guy has been prepared. We found him last Friday and have taught him 8 times! The only worry we have is that we don't want him to get converted to us, rather to the Gospel. From what a member told us, he is still super excited for the 16th.  That is his baptismal date and my last Sunday in Van Nuys....(Hopefully) haha.

Well that is about it for me. Tell everybody I say what's up.

LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Elder Ruelas
Exhcanges with the Zone Leader at their ward activity.

Crazy chicken in an apartment complex.

Homemade salsa.

They decided to wear blue.

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