Saturday, June 1, 2013

May 20, 2013

What is up mom!!!
Hey so I realized what I want for my Birthday and year mark. I want the conference talks on CD and the new scriptures that come out in August. I don't know if you had heard of them but they have re-done some things and I was wanting to get them, but instead of the quad, I wanted them separate (the Bible and then the triple combination). And all in English.
Bummer about that lady. Hopefully she is fine. On a brighter note....Congrats to Michele and Emmanuel on getting married in the temple!!!!. That is awesome! Did Dad ask any questions? Anyways that is awesome.
I can't wait till I get to go home and see Isabel! 14 more fast and testimony meetings sounds great! haha. I was just thinking last night and it still shocks me how fast everything is going. It is starting to pay off. This lady and her daughter flat out told us that she knows the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith is a Prophet of God. My companion and I were speachless. We couldn't set a date because she wants her husband/boyfriend to baptize her. We think that has changed just because of things she was saying in church, but we will see what happens this week. The craziest thing was that we don't feel like we did anything at all. It just goes to show that this is God's work and he is preparing people in his own time. He is allowing us to be part of it and I am very greatful for that. I have felt so happy these past 2 weeks. Ya I am still homesick, but I am still happy and I know that it is because I am doing what my Heavenly Father wants of me. Mornings are THE worst, but I make it past them every single day.
These Grad parties sound really fun right about now...haha not really. I bet Lucy is having a lot of fun though. Hey if you see Miguel can you ask him if he got my last letter. Anyways nothing much has really happened here.

Elder Ruelas
P.S. Tell dad I am sending him his letter. We don't have an out mailbox and we never go by any mailboxes.

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