Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 15, 2013

Hey tell the missionaries that you are my mom and that you have to have all day Sunday to write me...haha jk.

Whats up Mom,

Hey so looks like both of our weeks went by terribly. We took a huge slump in teaching people. Everything cancelled as usual. We did get a car though and I am the one driving. I didn't realize how much I miss driving. I can't believe I said that haha. It has been fun though. Even though it was a hard week I learned a lot. I learned the meaning of diligence. Working hard and effectively all hours of the day. I slipped one time this week where I let my companion and I kind of "slack off." We helped these potential investigators move and we just kind of talked with them for an hour without sharing anything. I don't know how you want to classify that but either way it shouldn't have happened. The next day we got right back to it and went to work. I also learned that I haven't been taking advantage of my studies as much as I should have. I know the doctrine that I teach but something that I am doing now is finding both Bible and Book of Mormon references to support each doctrine. I would only do one or the other, but now I want to do both because this week we had a lot of people bash with us and it just made me mad. I'm not finding these scriptures to bash with these people, but just to know for myself the truth.

Hey so did you charge the missionary for sitting in my car? I can't wait to get home and chill with the missionaries. I am going to be going on more visits with them when I get home now that I know what to say in visits. We have a return missionary who is planning on coming out with us a lot more. Hey so yesterday we had this lady who we are teaching who came to church for the second time in a row. She is awesome. She has a Baptismal date for the 4th. We are excited. She absolutely loves Relief Society. Every time we see her after Relief Society she has the biggest smile. She says that she learns so much from that class. We are working a lot with her.

Ya so that is about it. Like I said nothing is going on here. Tell Everybody I say whats up and tell Brother Bromwell to get better.

Love You!

Elder Ruelas

P.S. I might be sending some stuff home today, I just have to find the post office 1st.

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