Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 22, 2013

Whats up Momma!

So this week was a pretty cool week. As well as an interesting week. We did exchanges 2 days straight and when I was on exchanges with one of my old companions we found a family of 7! It was super cool and weird. He was talking to our member that we had with us and I just randomly go up to this door. I was about to stop and go back because we have already given somebody there a card when they were outside. But for some reason I just kept walking to the door. We could hear people but they didn't answer the first 2 knocks. I check my watch and we still have 10 minutes till our appointment across the street. So I knock one more time. It was kind of because I was annoyed with my companion and the fact that they were being loud. Plus the owner wouldn't answer the door. The 3rd knock and they answer. The guy was really funny. He has 4 sisters and it is his mom and his dad. The mom had gotten kicked out of her own house last week because of some Jehovah Wittnesses so she got kind of nervous and mad at her son  because he let us in. But I sweet talked her haha. Turns out Angel, the one who let us in, has a friend that left on his mission and gave him a triple combination. They were all super interested and I can't wait to keep on teaching them. What I am super shocked about is how we got to their door.

Something else that was crazy was something that happened on Friday. You have to promise me that you won't get worried. So we were eating dinner with our ward Missionary Leader and we have to leave early. Well we run into his Grandson who is a little mental and was drunk. He went crazy out in the front lawn and was yelling at the neighbors. The neighbors tell us to get the member and the grandson comes at us threatening us that if we call the cops he was gonna beat us up. He was yelling at my companion so I stepped in cause my companion is small. I try reasoning with him telling him we aren't gonna call the cops but that isn't getting through to him cause he is way too drunk. He tried to push me with his body wieght, chest to chest, but he wasn't getting me to move and I bet that made him mad, but it made me laugh. Finally I was like whatever and said that we were just going to leave. He had to have the last word and you know how I feel about that. Don't worry though I kept my mouth shut and kept walking. We get to the car and call his Grandpa and he comes out and tries to calm the situation until the cops come. The grandson actually gets closer and closer to the neighbors and we didn't want to leave incase we have to jump in. The reason why I wanted to share this story is not to scare you or get you to worry,  but it is because the power of Prayer is great! We were in the car and we were debating to get back out to help the Hermano because he is probably like 5' 5" and his grandson is about my height. We just decide to pray. The Hermano kept him under control and the cops came within like 5 minutes. From what we hear this guy is a loose cannon and anything could have happened. I know Heavenly Father answered our prayers. Everything calmed down.

That was pretty much our excitment from the week. Other than the fact that I left the keys in the trunk of the car and when the trunk shut, the car locked. That was pretty much our week. Bashed with a Jehovah Witness and she couldn't prove to me that it has to say the name of the people God uses to do his work. She was bashing on Joseph Smith and I wasn't having it. I'm not having it with anybody. I have been studying the topics a lot and that has helped me to be more confident in my contacts. I don't pull out scriptures, I just ask them to show me where it says what they said and most of the time they can't show me so I pull out a scripture to prove them wrong and most of the time they get mad. The truth hurts and this Church is true.

Love you mom,

Elder Ruelas

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