Monday, September 16, 2013

July 29,2013

Whats up Mom!
I could be leaving next Tuesday, but I won't find out till this Saturday. I use my money and I got Nate's email. I emailed him back. I would like Adrian's email. I don't have it. 

This week was pretty cool. We found this guy from Mexico who writes music for other Spanish bands. We are teaching this Athiest who is really cool. His Sisters are really interested but their mom just won't stop talking. We just want want to teach the kids and then teach her. She won't stop talking! You taught me well not to interupt people. The branch here is awesome. They are really helpful. We have some younger members who just got baptized within a year and they are struggling with their testimony. The President of the Branch has asked us to re-teach them. They are awesome so we do it gladly. One of them collects shoes too! I just can never get away from them haha.

That is funny about Brother Heath. It is good that Bryan and Jeffery like to debate haha. I want to go to this 3 Samari's place. It sounds good. Has dad gotten his dentures yet? He should. I will send his letter today. I didn't get a chance to do it last week. 

Tell everybody in the ward whats up for me. Tell Brother Laughead that I am sorry for not writing him back yet but I plan on getting on it soon. Also the Burtons.

I think that is it. I can't focus. I have been writing your email for about an hour haha. 

Love You

Elder Ruelas.....your son......your favorite child.....ya haha

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