Monday, September 16, 2013

August 12,2013

Tell Isabel I say Happy Birthday!
Whats up mom

So the apartment that I am in is awesome. We don't have to pay for laundry. We are back on Bikes. My new companion is Elder Sawyer. Pray for me. That is all I am saying. We had a Baptism this Sunday! It was awesome. Hortencia. I forgot to get pictures because I was so nervous for the Baptism. We were running around all day. It is done and it was awesome! Her grandaughter was there and said that she wants to get baptized. She lives in our area! Tons of miracles have been happening and I am very thankful. Right as we sang the 1st hymn in the program, Hortencia felt the spirit. It was awesome. 
We were super busy with teaching Hortencia this week. Studies killed our days, but we will see how this week goes. It all payed off on Sunday though. Hortencia showed up with her granddaughter, Elder Frost had one of our investigators there that writes music, and another investigator that we had showed up to church with 2 of her friends. Really exciting Sunday.

I honestly only remember buying 1 thing at Ross. It was my bag for just a little over $30. Ya I honestly don't remember anything else. I went to Burlington Coat Factory and bought 2 ties. 

So I got an email from Sister Adasme and Bishop Clove. Hey so I also sent another letter to Sky. I don't know if the address is good, but it hasn't gotten sent back yet. Did dad get my letter? Tell Angelica that I will send her letter when I get some stamps. 

On a Spiritual note, the Story of Abinadi is AMAZING. I absolutly love Mosiah 14

Love you 

Elder Rueals

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