Monday, September 16, 2013

August 5, 2013

Whats up mom? So what is your favorite store? I went to Finishline and bought a new pair of shoes. I want to get another haha. I have no clue where the post office is so that is why I haven't sent anything home. I want to so I can get rid of some extra stuff that I don't need minus my shoes haha. I really want to get another pair of shoes....anyways did I mention that I want to get another pair of shoes?

So this week was a really good week. Out of no where we found 5 new investigators! They are pretty cool. We also committed one of our investigators to baptism and he accepted it. This guy writes music for big Mexican bands. Ask Lucy if she has heard of Compa Chuy. Our investigator is working with him right now. We are having a Baptism this weekend!!! She is SICK! We hadn't even taught the Word of Wisdom and they were teaching it in church and she just leaned over to us and said that she wasn't going to drink coffee anymore. Oh and get this I am training again! Elder Frost is training too! Who knew I was such a good missionary haha. So I am staying. I get to stay in the sick house. But ya so that was pretty much it for the week. 

That is crazy about the Garridos! What part of Mexico are they moving to? I keep on hearing that it is bad in Mexico. Anyways I'm sure they will be fine. I think I forgot to tell Angelica Happy Birthday so tell her Happy Birthday! I wish I could be back to be at Isabel's Birthday. 11 Months haha. My companion gives me crap because I will mention that I am over half way done. I just say I am a Bi-polar missionary. I love being here and I can't wait to be home haha. 11 MONTHS!

Love you mom and take care

Elder Ruelas
P.S. I really want to get a new pair of shoes. In case I didn't mention that earlier.


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