Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy 15th Week :)

Hey whats up Mom!

This week was alright. We did a ton of exchanges. Luckily they were with decent missionaries. I did my first Baptismal interview. It was a kid who lost his records so he has to get baptized again. The missionaries teaching him made me mad. Lazy and disobedient. I am definitely going to see how the missionaries are before I give them referrals. Some missionaries are turning into a pet peeve. Anyways that is my rant for the day. We also had a lunch with our investigators that have a baptismal date and it was super good! They cooked Columbian food and it was a bomb. Too bad they don't know the rules and kept us there for 2 and a half hours. It was a bomb! Then we had to go translate for stake conference. Our Stake President does not like missionaries so he did not say anything about missionary work. Thanks for helping us out Stake president Translating was fun though. It was a good to see how good my Spanish is haha. 

Hey so how is your missionary work going? Are the missionaries helping you look for opportunities to share the gospel? Do they leave things with you to hand out? Are they good missionaries? Are the Sister Missionaries hot? :)  Anyways the missionaries better be good. They can have fun but they need to be obedient and work. 

Tell the Garridos Good Luck!  Since I don't have to get ya'll any gifts, can I just buy myself stuff? haha jk

Well I gotta get going. 


Elder Ruelas

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