Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hola from Iowa Elder Ruelas! Happy 16th Week:)

Dang mom you should give the Sister Missionaries my Email haha. Na just kidding. That would be wierd.
Anyways how is it going Mom?

Dang this week was crazy! Being a Zone Leader you find out the Chisme. I would tell you what happened but there are a lot of missionaries that are around that would read over my shoulder. 

Elder Quinton L. Cook and Elder Ruben Acosta were here yesterday . They shook my hand. I am a BOSS! haha I was the second Missionary to shake their hands. It was super cool. Ya that was pretty much all that happened. It was a crazy week.

I hope we have a trunk or treat. Sounds like ya'll had a fun time. It is good to hear that the missionaries are working hard. Are the missionaries cool? I have been praying a lot for my friends, Dad and Bryan. Hey, how are your missionary efforts going? Try to share the Gospel. If the missionaries aren't sharing the lessons and are just sharing thought provoking scriptures, they aren't doing their job right. 

I really like the  pictures of Lucy. Is she going to be handing out candy with that costume on? Is Isabel going to go get more candy? Hey and can I get pictures of Isabel. Especially the one where she is on the ground holding the ballon. I want a copy to put on my next planner.

Dang the news from the church is crazy. How many missionaries are out from the ward? Kellie Ann is getting Married! Dang this email was good.

Well Mom tell everyone Happy Birthday! I got Dad a card.


Elder Ruelas

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