Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy 1st week in December:)

Whats up mom?

Thanksgiving was awesome. We got invited to 6 dinners but only had time to go to 2 of them. We even got a Christmas set up for us. Yes I got your boxes and envelopes. I really like the TIES that the ward families have sent. Tell everyone Thank-you! How many are supposed to be coming? I got 3 in 1 day, 1 the next and 1 today. So did you get me anything in Chicago? Stop talking about yourself and talk about me! haha jk, but seriously, did you get me anything. I don't want any candy or Jerky. I NEED to lose weight. I have dads letter on my desk. I just keep on forgetting to send it.....

Trust me mom when I say that nothing really happened this week. Tuesday we had exchanges with the AP's. The only good thing that happened was the lesson, but when I asked him how he thought the lesson went, all he said was that the lesson went too long and that was it. Wednesday was a good day because we were able to do service for a member that is really cool. They have a lot of old stuff. Her sons are into martial arts and they are Black belts so they had a ton of swords and Bamboo sticks. Thursday was Thanksgiving obviously, and it was a Bomb. I am trying to lose all the food that I ate. They also gave us a lot of food to take home. I don't have to buy groceries this week. Friday we went on exchanges with some elders that are like an hour and 30 minutes away. It was fun. Kinda rough though just because we had to lift their spirits. We will see what happens. Saturday we had a lesson with our family that is right at the borderline of getting Baptized, they just need to make the decision themselves. We had a pretty good lesson. We will see what happens. They have a desire to learn and get baptized, but they just want to know more before they make a decision. Very confusing. Also on Thursday we had a Turkey bowl and it was super fun. I ran over an Elder, but don't worry he is fine.
I heard about the death of Paul Walker. Crazy.  
Anyways I gotta get going. Email me back if you get this email today.

LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Elder Ruelas

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