Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Week

Whats up Mom!

To answer your questions first. Yes I went to little Cesars. It was a long day on a transfer. And last week we only had 3 dinners. This week minus today we have dinner. I might be using the card again because I am out of MSF. Transfers are on the 10th of December. I feel a lot better compared to last Sunday. It was BAD last week. This week wasnt that great. We did have some good lessons but a family didn't come to church and their baptismal date was dropped. Lets just say I am just focusing on my investigators and that is it. I checked in as to when I will be going home and it should be July 9th. If you want me to go home no later than July 5th, you have my permission to call President and talk to him to get me home earlier. I have no clue what I want for Christmas. Some Jordans, ties, a girl? what? Hey and also I might be buying some pictures off of because we have an investigator who is really struggling right now and we need to make his room a bit more spiritual.

This week is going to be crazy! We have 2 dinners on Thanksgiving. It is going to be fun. Last week we had a super good lesson with a family. They kept on asking questions about forgivness. They didnt meet their date but they are still progressing. We also had to give talks in church. Mine was about the Atonement and I shared how I had to say the Sacrament prayer like 7 times. They didn't tell us until 5 minutes before church started. Well that is all that happened. 

Have fun in Chicago. If they have some good Chicago Bulls stuff grab me some PLEASE!!!!!

Trust me mom I am celebrating my last everything. I am having fun!

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Elder Ruelas

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