Sunday, January 26, 2014

Happy 2014!!!!!!

What's up mom!

This week was pretty slow. A lot of our families were still out of town. We started to teach a family. We get along great with the kids. I haven't even taught this family and I love them to death and I want them to have this gospel right now. It stinks though cause they didn't come to church. The worst thing about being a missionary is that when you get attached to a family like this and you want the gospel for them SO bad and they just fizzle away. Other than that nothing really happened this week.

I am excited for the Sausage. I don't want Jerkey, just send me Sausage. Thanks haha. I am glad that I am not home for that cold weather. Thankfully it is only like 30 degrees. Mom, always share your testimony. When you don't, your testimony doesn't grow and when you do share your testimony, you help others increase theirs. Don't worry if everyone is sad and you are happy, my comp and I were told this week that they were grateful that we are always happy. There is a Sister missionary here that is pretty cute. We go home at the same time and are going to BYU.  

Gotta go. Sorry this letter isn't that long


Elder Ruelas

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